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PRUProtect Xtra

An insurance solution that leaves behind inheritance for your loved ones should any unfortunate events happen.

Leave the people you love more financially secured


PRUProtect Xtra is a family financial planning insurance that pays your family a lump sum if you unfortunately pass away or become TPD, giving them financial security. It’s also an affordable way to leave your family a lasting financial legacy, perhaps to give your children or grandchildren a head start.

We pay a lump sum of twice the value of your coverage if you sadly die in an accident, rising to four times its value if the accident happens outside Malaysia. And we pay you up to RM10,000 if you are hospitalised for infectious diseases that we cover.

Keep your plan in force for 9 years and we’ll reward you with a Loyalty Bonus every 2 years and an additional single, larger bonus when you reach age 70, 80 or 90 depending on your age when your policy begins.

We will pay you lump sum benefits and pay your plan's premium if you are diagnosed with critical illness. And you can get an extra fixed-term insurance to pay your mortgage, car loan or even your children’s school or university fees if you unfortunately pass away. Start protecting your loved ones with family financial planning today.

Extra plans

You can also add extra plans to strengthen your coverage. Choose from plans that:

Pay you a lump sum if you unfortunately pass away:
Pay you a lump sum if you get a critical illness:
Pay your premiums upon Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), death or diagnosis of critical illness:
Build a lump sum for your child’s future, a rainy day or whatever you choose:

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More about PRUProtect Xtra
An insurance solution that gives you an affordable way to leave a legacy and that pays out if you become TPD or unfortunately pass away.
We pay a lump sum if any one of these happens
  • If you unfortunately pass away because of natural causes
  • We pay 2 x your coverage if you pass away because of any type of accident
  • We pay 3 x your coverage if you pass away because of an accident from commuting in public conveyance, elevator, burning of theatre, hotel or other public building

  • We pay 4 x your coverage if you pass away because of an accident outside Malaysia

  • If you become permanently disabled


We pay if you get one of 14 covered infectious diseases

We pay you up to RM10,000 if you are hospitalised for infectious diseases that we cover.

We pay bonuses too

We will pay you a bonus every 2 years once you keep your plan in force for 9 years.  We will also pay you a one-off booster bonus of RM8,000 for every RM100,000 of coverage you have, when you reach 70, 80 or 90 years of age depending on your age when your policy begins.


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About your plan

How long will I need to pay for my plan?

5, 10, 20 years or as long as you have your plan in force.  

How long does the cover last?

20 years; or choose to stop your policy at 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100 years old.

How old can the life assured (the person covered by the policy) be when the policy starts?

From 30 days old till 70 years old.

What’s the minimum amount of coverage?


What is the lowest premium I can pay?

For a child RM100 a month. For an adult RM120 a month.

What’s the maximum life coverage?

Our underwriters decide this, depending on your circumstances.

All ages in this table are age next birthday (ANB)

Important notes
Key information and disclaimers.
  1. PRUProtect Xtra is a solution offered using our product, PRUWealth Plus as its basic plan.

  2. Please note that the package here consists of components that can be bought separately and you are not obligated to select all components of this package.

  3. This content contains only a brief description of the product and is not exhaustive. You are advised to refer to  Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB)’s Brochure, Product/ Sales Disclosure Sheet, Product/ Sales Illustration, Fund Fact Sheet (if any), and the consumer education booklet on Life Insurance, Investment-Linked Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, and Medical and Health Insurance before purchasing the plan, and to refer to the terms and conditions in the policy document for details of the features and benefits, exclusions and waiting periods under the policy.

  4. This product comes with Extension of Coverage Term to extend  the term of basic plan up to the Policy Anniversary of Life Assured’s age 100. For rider(s), if applicable, the rider's term will be extended up to the Policy Anniversary of Life Assured's age 100 or the rider’s maximum coverage term, whichever is earlier. Unless you request to disable the Extension of Coverage Term, your policy will be auto extended as long as it has sufficient value of units to be deducted to pay for the relevant charges, fees and taxes during the extended term. To ensure sufficient value of units, additional premium is likely required during the extended term. During the extended coverage term, the coverage provided by the basic plan and rider(s) (if applicable) will remain the same.


Family financial planning FAQ

What is family financial planning? 

Financial planning is the process of defining your financial goals and creating a detailed plan to achieve them. Family financial planning accounts for things that a family might need to plan for. For example, saving and investing so that you can pay for your child’s tertiary education, or having insurance to protect your family if any unfortunate events occur.

Why is family financial planning important?

Family financial planning is important because it can help you to:

  • Achieve your short and long term financial goals and leave a legacy for your loved ones.

  • Purchase a home.

  • Plan for retirement.

  • Plan for your children’s education.

  • Choose the right investments.

  • Choose the right insurance coverage for you and your family.

  • Stay on track with your finances.

How do I create a financial plan for my family?

Creating a financial plan for your family can be a big task. Here are some tips that may help you:

  • Consider and set your financial goals.

  • Work out how much and how long you will need to save to reach your goal.

  • Keep tabs on your current expenditure.

  • Create a budget and stick to it.

  • Clear outstanding debts.

  • Grow your money with long-term investments.

  • Protect your family with an insurance solution.

What is financial stability in a family?

Financial stability in a family means that the family has safe housing, adequate healthy food, clothing and other necessities. It enables families to engage and contribute to their immediate community and society. Family financial planning helps ensure this.


When should you start family financial planning?

There really isn’t any ‘right time’ to start family financial planning, but of course, the sooner you start, the better. Start today if you haven’t got a family financial plan in place. It takes time to clear debts and for investments to grow, so don’t procrastinate.