Premium Payment FAQs

Got any questions regarding your premium payments? Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.
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Frequently asked questions

First Premium Acknowledgement and Accidental Death Cover Clause
What is the First Premium?

The first payment received by Prudential together with the new proposal for purchase of insurance.

Why is first premium acknowledgement important to me?

Upon acknowledgment, we will provide the proposed life with accidental death cover equivalent to the proposed sum assured (but not more than RM500,000) for a maximum period of 90 days from the date of the acknowledgment  and shall only be given if the proposal is acceptable by us on standard rates.

If payment is made by cheque, the cheque must be honored be this accidental death coverage is given.

How long will I be covered under this accidental death coverage?

The accidental death coverage is temporary and will stop once we accept or decline the said proposal, or once we refund the first premium payment, or once 90 days from the date of this receipt has passed (whichever happens first).

Is the first premium refundable after an accidental death claim?

The first premium payment will not be refunded if we have paid a benefit for accidental death coverage.


Online payment via PRUAccess Plus
Who can perform the online payment using PRUAccess Plus?

PRUAccess Plus registered users (Assured / Policyholder) are allowed to perform online payment.

How do I access PRUAccess Plus online payment?

You may login to PRUAccess Plus by clicking on ‘My Transaction’ tab, Select ‘Online Payment’ in the dropdown list.

What are the payment methods that can be used for PRUAccess Plus online payment?
  1. Current Account/ Savings Account (CASA)

  2. MASTER/ VISA Credit/ Debit card

  3. Boost e-wallet

  4. TnG e-wallet
How would I know that the premium is applied successfully to my policy?

You may login to PRUAccess Plus after the processing time stated on the Online Payment screen to view the updated Premium Due Date under My Policy. Alternatively, you can call our Call Centre for premium payment enquiries.

Is there an Official Receipt issued from PRUAccess Plus online payment?

There will not be an Official Receipt issued from PRUAccess Plus online payment. However, there is an Acknowledgement Slip upon successful submission and it is printable by clicking on the button on the Online Payment Acknowledgement screen.

The Acknowledgment Slips are retrievable for viewing and printing from the Transaction History in PRUaccess plus within the records retention period.

Why I am not able to pay my premium in advance through PRUAccess Plus?

Customer can make advance premium (up to 12 months from current calendar date) through Online Payment at Prudential’s Corporate Website. Advance premium payment is subject to:

  • Policy's next premium due must be up to date

  • Product/Policy status that allowed for advance premium

Where can I learn more about PRUAccess Plus and what it offers?

You may login to PRUAccess Plus to:

  • view your policy information eg. cash value, claims information, payment information etc.

  • update your contact details and your bank account details

  • perform online payment and online enrolment

  • download policy annual statements

  • download policy document (Date of Policy from 1 July 2016 onwards)

  • download e-Medial Card

  • download letters/documents

  • download funds report

If you have not registered for PRUAccess Plus , click here and register in 3 simple steps!

  1. Logon to PRUAccess Plus.

  2. Click on 'Registration' and request for First Login Code.

  3. Enter your NRIC/Other ID and the First Login Code. Click 'Next' to complete registration.

Online Payment via Prudential's Corporate Website
What is online payment via Prudential's Corporate Website?

Online payment via Prudential's Corporate Website provides 24/7 service for you to make multiple payment in a day for proposal premium and/or renewal premium payment for inforce policies from your Current Account/ Savings Account (CASA) or with your Credit/ Debit card or e-wallet. For single premium proposal payment, only CASA option is available.

* Payment amount through this channel is following payment limit of customer’s Credit/ Debit card, Current Account/Saving Account (CASA) or eWallet payment limit.

*Applicable to all Prudential's Life products.

How can I make proposal payment and/or recurring payment

Navigate to Online Payment via Prudential's Corporate Website > Enter basic policy information > Read and agree on Terms & Conditions > Complete CASA or Debit/Credit Card details or Scan QR Code > Receive SMS/email confirmation upon successful of

Who can make proposal payment and/or recurring premium payment?

Only policyholders or their immediate family members (Spouse/Children/Grandchildren/Parents/Grandparents/Siblings and Employee) may make proposal payment and/or renewal premium payment with their own card/account.

Can I make premium payment for multiple proposals/policies at one time?

You may make premium payment for one proposal/policy at a time. However, you may repeat the same steps to make premium payments for additional proposals/policies.

Will there be any charges imposed on me

There will be no extra charges imposed by Prudential

Will I receive an official receipt upon successful payment

Upon completion of premium payment, the payment status will be displayed on your screen. SMS/email acknowledgement receipt* will also be sent to you for successful premium payments.

* Based on mobile number/email address record with Prudential. Please ensure that your contact details with Prudential are accurate and updated

Internet Banking/ATM Banking/CDM Banking/Direct Banking Services
Can I pay my first premium via Internet Banking/ATM Banking/CDM Banking/Direct Banking Services?

No, it is only available for renewal premium.

Is payment paid via Internet Banking/ATM Banking/CDM Banking/Direct Banking Services will be received on the same day of payment?

No, payment transacted successfully will only be received on the next working day subject to the Bank's processing cut off time.

Credit Card and Direct Debit Services
Whose credit/debit card  can I use to pay for my  insurance premium?

We only allow the customer's own credit/debit card, spouse, children, grandchildren, parent(s), grandparent(s), brother(s) , sister(s) and employee credit/debit card.

Can I use my Credit/Debit card for recurrence of premium deduction?

You may enrol your Credit/ Debit card online at PRUAccess Plus under ‘My Transaction’ followed by ‘Online Enrolment’ (Limited to a maximum instalment premium of RM30,000). Alternatively, you may complete the Credit/ Debit Card Enrolment Form (For instalment premium above RM30,000) and return it via your agent or submit to any of our nearest branches at least 2 weeks before your premium due date.

For Debit card transactions, before you authorise us for the deduction, kindly contact your bank to ensure that your Debit card has been enabled for recurring payments.

How do I enroll for the Auto Debit facility?

You may obtain the Direct Debit Enrolment Form via:

  1. Our nearest branches

  2. Download the Direct Debit Authorisation Form

Can I submit a photocopy of the Autodebit Form?

For any new auto debit enrolment or change of details, the original form is required.

Can I use Auto Debit for recurring premium deduction?

Yes, you may. Please ensure there is sufficient funds in your bank account for premium deduction

Can I submit one Auto Debit form for a few policies?

Yes, you may. Kindly download and submit the updated Direct Debit Authorisation Form.

Is a company account allowed for Auto Debit billing?

Yes. The company's business registration number and company stamp are required.

Can I write in for a change of Account number?

No. A new Auto Debit Form is required.

Can I use my Auto Debit to pay my first instalment premium?

No, but the first premium can be paid through Online Payment at Prudential’s Corporate Website. It is advisable to pay at least 2 to 3 months of premiums for the first payment. The Auto Debit form will only be sent to the bank for approval after the proposal has commenced.

Can I pay for my Policy Loan / Discounted Advance Premium / Single Premium Top Up via my Credit / Debit Card or Auto Debit services?

No. This facility is not applicable via credit/debit card or Auto Debit services.

How do I cancel my Credit/Debit or Auto Debit services?

You need to notify us in writing at least 14 days before the next premium due date in order for us to cancel this service

Are there any receipts issued for payment made via Credit/Debit and Autodebit deductions

There is no receipt issued. Card holders/account holders can check their monthly bank/credit card statement. However, if the premium deduction is unsuccessful, a letter will be issued to the policyholder

What should I do if my Credit/Debit or Auto debit deduction is unsuccessful?

Login to PRUaccess plus.

  1. Click on 'My Transaction' tab.

  2. Select 'Online Payment' in the dropdown list.

How do I check my policy's next premium due date?

You may: