What’s PRUE-Pay?

A safe and secure payment service that allows Prudential to credit payments to your bank account electronically.
Couple receive payment on phone

Why use PRUE-Pay?

The payment is directly transferred to your bank account.
Just register once and all future payments are a click away.
You can receive your payment without ever needing to travel further than your smartphone or desktop.
With PRUE-Pay, you can say goodbye to issues such as delayed, misplaced, expired and lost cheques.

Frequently asked questions

Which type of payment or transaction is eligible for PRUE-Pay?

You may opt for the preferred payment for Claims, Survival Benefit, Maturity Benefit, Monthly Guaranteed Payout, Policy Loan, Surrender of Reversionary Bonus, Withdrawal Sum, Surrender Sum and other payments.

If I wish to enroll for PRUE-Pay, what are the available channels for me to register my bank account information?

You may now register anytime and anywhere securely and hassle free via PRUAccess Plus, or contact our Customer Service Representative at 03-2771 0228. Alternatively, you may complete the Application for Direct Credit Form and return it via your agent or at our nearest branch.

What should I do to receive monies via PRUE-pay?

You may register your bank account information via eCredit in PRUAccess Plus or contact our customer representative at 03-21160228. You may also provide us the information during proposal submission or while making the payment type request by submitting the following documents to us:


  1. National Registration Identity Card (‘NRIC’) for Malaysian or permanent resident, passport for foreigner, or business registrations form (whichever that is applicable)*

  2. Application for Direct Credit Form*

*Supporting documents are not required for registration via eCredit and phone call.

Is it mandatory to fill up bank account details?

PRUE-Pay is the fastest and safest pay method. For payments like Claims, Policy Loan, Surrender of Reversionary Bonus, Withdrawal From Accumulation Option, Academic Achievement Award, Goal Achievement Benefit, Surrender and Withdrawal, it’s compulsory for you to register your bank account details with us. For other payments such as Survival Benefit and Maturity Benefit, we strongly encourage you to register your bank account information in order for you to enjoy the convenience of electronic payment.


The registered bank account must be maintained by financial institutions that offer MEPS and Inter-Bank Giro (IBG) services. To see the full list of banks that support PRUE-Pay, download here.

Will I be notified once Prudential has made the payment?

Yes, an SMS will be sent to your registered hand phone number as per registered in our database once the payment has been transmitted into your account.

When will the funds be credited to my bank account?

Payment will be made electronically to your bank account within 3 working days once your payment has been approved.

What will happen to funds that cannot be credited into my bank account?

In the event of funds not being credited to your bank account, kindly arrange to register your new bank account details or provide accurate bank details to us.

How will my bank account information be used and remain confidential?

The information provided by you will be used to achieve the purpose for which it was collected. All your information will be processed in a secure environment and remain confidential at all times.

Do I need to provide my bank account information for each of my policies if I have more than one policy with Prudential?

Yes, bank account information for each policy must be submitted. Any new application shall supersede and override earlier instruction or application relating to crediting of monies in our record.

Can I change my bank account information?

Yes, you are allowed to change your bank account information anytime at the available channels in Prudential. No cost will be charged for this purpose.

Who should I refer to if I need assistance with PRUE-Pay?

You may contact our Customer Service Representatives here.

Important notes prior to submission

You may submit the original and completed form together with supporting documents and submit to us via your agent or at the nearest Prudential branch.