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Savings and Investment Coverage for you

Financial planning is necessary to have an enriching life experience. It is not an easy task to keep abreast of your financial goals but our array of savings and investment plans just do that for you without any hassle.

Managing your wealth is always a priority. You must ensure that your wealth is enough to give your family the financial independence it requires in times of distress. Our savings plan provides you the head start to manage your wealth and keep a track of your financial goals. Meanwhile, our investment plans are an ideal choice to bring you the best opportunities to expand your wealth and equip your future with better financial stability.

Whether you are looking to plan your family’s future or trying to achieve your life goals with the right financial protection, we are there to help you on each stage of your life. Choose the right start to grow your wealth today with us!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a savings and investment plan?

Savings and investment plans are financial products that help you grow your wealth in the future. For this, you need to have a certain amount of savings to invest in a way that it helps you achieve your financial goals.

What is the best way to save and invest your money?

The best way to save and invest is to start early. Start the habit of saving from a young age, cut down on unnecessary expenses, and put aside small savings amount every month for investment. The risk for investing is lower at young age and review it at least twice a year to allocate your funds appropriately.  

Which savings plan is best in Malaysia?

The best saving plan offers you the flexibility to save according to your budget. You can choose to save small for a long period or large amounts for a shorter time. You can receive the lump sum cash payment payouts at the time of maturity. Some savings plan even provide annual guaranteed cash payments throughout the policy term. You can contact our wealth planner to help you identify the best plan that suits your budget and financial needs.

Why is savings plan important?

A savings plan helps you save your money for bigger moments of your life such as buying your dream house, travelling around the world, having the wedding you have always wanted or enriching your family’s future. It helps you achieve your financial freedom and stability for a secure future.

What is an investment-linked insurance plan?

An investment-linked insurance plan is a hybrid of life insurance and investment plan. A certain sum from your premium is allocated into funds (of your choice) which come with potential investment returns.  Just like any other life insurance plan, an investment-linked plan also provides coverage should any unforeseen incident happens to the insured person.

How do I choose a good investment plan?

It is important to understand your financial goals and the time you can wait for the return on your investment. Make a plan and explore the opportunities by evaluating the risk associated with each investment. However, you must have the market knowledge to review your investment plan. You can always contact our wealth planner to guide you through the process for finding a good investment plan based on your risk appetite.