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Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

The functions that people do daily to maintain an independent way of life. The 6 Activities of Daily Living are washing, dressing, feeding, going to the toilet, mobility and transferring.


A person appointed by the courts to act as fiduciary to settle an estate.


The recipient of the contractual benefits from an insurance policy which is a Benefit-type policy.

Biopsy Report

A report on the body tissue which was removed and examined by a pathologist. Also known as Histopathology report.

Cardiac Enzymes Report

A report on certain enzymes that are released from the heart muscle when the heart muscle dies.


The portion of an insured loss to be borne by the policyholder before he is entitled to recover from the insurance company.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

A non-invasive test that detects and records the electrical activity of the heart.


A contractual provision that denies coverage for certain perils, persons, property or locations.

Grant of Letters of Administration/Probate

A Court Order stating the legal representatives who are entitled to deal with the deceased’s estate.


Restoration of the claimant to the same financial position immediately before a loss by payment, repair or replacement.


A person who died without leaving a will.

MRI Report

A special radiology technique designed to image internal structures of the body using magnetism, radio waves and a computer to produce the images of body structures.

Pre-Existing Condition

A physical and/or mental condition of the Life Assured that existed before the policy proposal.


To pay back the expense amount which was incurred by the Life Assured.


A legal arrangement whereby a property is held by a person or corporation (trustee) for the benefit of others (beneficiary).

Waiting period

A specific period of time that must pass following the onset of a covered condition before any benefits will be paid.