Medical Card Services

Get adequate care when you need it the most.
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Access quality healthcare with our medical card

Access to a range of medical services, covers hospitalisation expenses, and connects policyholders with panel hospitals and healthcare centres.

Prudential medical card: A safety net for health emergencies

Because a medical card covers healthcare and hospitalisation expenses, having one reduces financial stress during health emergencies. It also offers access to Second Medical Opinion (SMO), where you can get second medical opinion from medical experts in various areas of specialisation.

A medical card for your needs

Consider factors like the extent of coverage, the network of healthcare providers, the claim process, and the cost of the premium. Prudential's medical card offers various services, including access to panel hospitals, Hospital Alliance Services for claim facilitation, and Expert Medical Opinion for specialised advice.


What is a medical card?

A medical card is an insurance that provides coverage for medical and hospitalisation expenses. It offers policyholders access to medical services at a network of healthcare providers and facilities.

How does a medical card work?

When you have a medical card, you present it at the healthcare facility at the time of service. The medical card contains your insurance information, allowing the healthcare facility to bill the insurance company directly for the covered services, reducing out-of-pocket expenses.

What medical expenses are typically covered by a medical card?

Medical cards generally cover a wide range of medical expenses, including:

  • Doctor’s consultations and visits

  • Hospitalisation and inpatient services

  • Laboratory tests and diagnostic services

  • Prescription medications

  • Emergency medical care

What are the benefits of having a medical card?

Having a medical card provides several benefits, including:

  • Financial protection against high medical expenses.

  • Access to a network of healthcare providers.

  • Convenience in settling medical bills through direct billing.

Are there any exclusions or limitations to medical card coverage?

Medical card policies have certain exclusions and limitations, which vary based on the insurance provider. Some common exclusions may include cosmetic procedures, fertility treatments and experimental treatments. Reviewing the policy documents to understand the specific exclusions and limitations is essential.

Does Prudential’s medical card cover pre-existing conditions?

It's crucial to disclose any pre-existing health conditions, ranging from chronic diseases to minor health issues before your health insurance policy starts, in order to prevent future complications or claim rejection. Therefore, to determine if Prudential's medical card covers pre-existing conditions, it is recommended to review the policy document.

Can I choose my preferred healthcare provider with a medical card?

Yes, you can choose your preferred healthcare provider from a list of panel hospitals associated with the medical card.

Is there a waiting period before I can use my medical card?

Like most insurance policies, there is a waiting period before you can use your medical card.  It is best to check your policy document for accurate information.

Is there an age limit to apply for a medical card?

Depending on the type of medical card, some insurance policies are made available to individuals from birth, while others might only be available to adults. There might also be an upper age limit after which individuals can no longer apply for a policy. It is best to refer to the specifics of your policy document.

Can I use my medical card for international medical treatment?

Prudential’s medical card can only be utilised locally within Malaysia counterparts.

What should I do if I lose my medical card?

If you lose your medical card, contact us or your dedicated Wealth Planner as soon as possible. We can guide you through the process of getting a replacement card.