hospital alliance services

Hospital Alliance Services (HAS)

A value-added facility for all medical policy holders.

Hospital Alliance Services (HAS) is a value-added facility that allows you to enjoy pre-authorisation of admission at our panel hospitals and medical centres from the 4th month onwards of your policy cover rate.

Incidental and non-medical related expenses are not included with HAS:

  • Telephone charges
  • Excess room and board
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Co-insurance and deductibles

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Guide for Discharge

Wait for the e-pre-authorisation form and discharge bill to be completed by hospital staff.
Proceed to the discharge counter and ensure all information is correct.

We will access the final bill, and once approved, payment will be made directly to the hospital.

You may be required to pay for incidental and non-medical related items.
Once the bill is fully settled, you may be discharged.