Policy Servicing

Learn more about our policy servicing process and how to submit a request.
Girl filling up policy servicing form

Agent assisted

Make your policy servicing request with the help of your agent.
Call your agent
Contact your agent to get the necessary form(s).
Complete the forms
Fill in the form with the accurate details and provide your official signature and identity documents as and when needed.
Meet your agent to submit the forms
Submit the signed and completed form(s) and supporting documents and/or payment (if any) to your agent.

Customer self-help

Change of personal details

If you wish to change your personal details (salutation, marital status or nationality), complete this form and return it through your agent or at the nearest Prudential branch.

Change of address

If you wish to change your mailing address or contact details, you may:

Contact Customer Service at 03-2116 0228 or email customer.mys@prudential.com.my

Credit/debit card enrolment

Set up your credit or debit card for recurring premium payments on PRUAccess Plus. After login, access ‘My Transaction’ followed by ‘Online Enrolment’. Please note that there is a maximum premium instalment amount of RM30,000.00.

Alternatively, complete the Credit/Debit Card Enrolment form (for installment premium of RM30,000.01 and above) and return it at least two weeks before your premium due date through your agent or at the nearest Prudential branch.

Direct credit application

If you want to register your bank account details for future payouts, you may login to PRUAccess Plus, or contact Customer Service at 03-21160228. Alternatively, complete the Application for direct credit form and return it through your agent or at your nearest Prudential branch.

Self assisted

Here are the steps you can take if you are unable to perform your policy servicing request via our online channels.

Resources to assist your policy servicing request

Get more information, forms and FAQs on policy servicing.