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We are here for you when you need us the most. Whether it is agent assisted or self-submitted, we strive to keep you updated throughout the claims process for peace of mind.

Your claims will be processed within 14 working days upon receiving the complete claim document and you will be updated on your claim status via SMS.

Refer to the Frequently asked questions below for more information.

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claims promise

Our Claims Promise

Our policy is to protect you and your family during life’s difficult moments. We pay your claim as quickly as possible and with compassion and care. We make it simple and easy, and only ask for necessary information.
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Agent assisted

Steps for your claims submission with the help of your agent.
Files on shelf
Compile all supporting documents
Gather related receipts and/or medical reports in proper sequence.
Make appointment online
Make an appointment with your agent
Call your agent to arrange for a meet up.
Agent customer meet
Meet your agent to submit your claim
Pass on all the supporting documents to your agent so he/she can assist you with your claim submission.

Self submit

Easy steps to submit your claims with us.

Frequently asked questions

How do I check the progress of my claims and whether it has been approved?

You may:

Is there any time limit for me to submit my claims?

You will need to provide us with the proof of hospital admission and/or treatment within 90 days after you discharge from the hospital or from the day you received any treatment.

Can I file a claim for my follow-up treatments/check-up after being discharged from hospital?

Yes you can. You may refer back to the terms under your policy coverage based on your entitlement on Pre/Post hospitalisation benefit.

How long does it takes to process a claim?

The estimated timeframe is within 14 working days upon receiving the complete claim document.

How can I check the claim status?

Claim status will be updated via SMS. Please approach our servicing agent or contact customer service at 03-2771 0228 for further assistance.

What are Deductible and Med Saver?

Deductible and Med Saver are the fixed amount that you must first pay regardless of the total expenses that you can claim for Any One Disability (excluding the cost of daily room charges as billed by a hospital for the cost of accommodation, meals and general nursing care).

What is Any One Disability?

Any One Disability refers to the single Disability (along with its complications) that cause the person covered to be hospitalised one or more times, or seeking treatments that do not require overnight care.

If the person covered has not completely recovered and is still under treatment for that Disability, all hospitalisation and clinical treatments will be considered to be from the same Disability.

In the case where the person covered has fully recovered and does not require any more treatment for the Disability for more than 90 days, all hospitalisation and clinical treatments will be considered to be from a new Disability.

Resources to assist your claims submission

Get more information, forms and FAQs on claims.