Pave the Way for a Secured Future

We may not be able to control life’s uncertainties, but we can protect ourselves with an insurance plan. Get a life policy today to protect yourself now for a better future.
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Get the right protection for unexpected moments with adequate life insurance policy for a secured future.

Life is unpredictable and it requires prior planning to prepare for the unforeseen. With the uncertainties on rise, one should always plan ahead to secure their future for any unfortunate events. This is why life insurance is necessary to protect you from the financial troubles of tomorrow.

Life insurance provides complete protection for all your different needs for securing a safe and protected future for yourself and your loved ones. From term life insurance to whole or an investment-linked life insurance, you can tailor the plans according to your affordability and needs.

Our PRUWith You brings comprehensive life insurance plan with the right financial coverage for your loved ones. It gives you the flexibility to customise according to your needs and budgets. It ensures that your loved ones are always protected at every stage of life. Get the adequate coverage for your loved ones with PRUWith You today for a secure tomorrow. Find out more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much life insurance do I need in Malaysia?

Ideally, your life insurance coverage must be 10 to 15 times your total annual income. When getting life coverage, the key is to ensure enough coverage for your family and future needs.

How to calculate life insurance premium?

An insurance premium is calculated based on different factors such as age, family medical history, amount of coverage required, gender, lifestyle, and the benefit provided by the policy. For life insurance, it is recommended that the insurance premium must not exceed 6% of the individual’s income.

What is the meaning of life cover in insurance?

Life cover refers to the amount of money that the insurer will pay to your family in case of an unfortunate event.

What are the benefits of a life insurance policy?

Life insurance can be beneficial in many ways. From providing an income to your family to pay for expenses like mortgage, debts to eventually funding one’s retirement, your life policy can help you and your loved ones secure the future.

Which type of life insurance policy is the best?

It depends on a person’s budget and coverage needs. Term life insurance is an affordable option for people looking for coverage within a limited time. However, whole life insurance on the other hand provides lifelong coverage and is a permanent policy option.

How do I choose the best life insurance policy in Malaysia?

When choosing life insurance, it is best to assess your policy goals and determine the type of coverage you need. It will help you to decide upon how much you have to pay and evaluate the best policy option available in the market. It is recommended to go for a trusted name when buying a life insurance policy. In this case, our wealth planner can help you assess your needs and match you with the best policy option accordingly.