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PRUMy Critical Care

Coverage that pays you a lump sum to spend as you want if you have critical illness.

Because critical illness hits your finances in ways you might not expect.

Being critically ill often can have a domino effect on your finances. Besides the long journey to recovery, you might need to consider other expenses beyond medical costs, such as loss of income, daily living expenses, adaptations to your home and more.  This is why investing in a critical illness insurance can save yourself from a financial burnout.

PRUMy Critical Care is a critical illness insurance plan that helps you by paying a lump sum that you can use as you choose.

We pay you a lump sum if you are diagnosed with any of Malaysia’s top 5 most common critical illnesses below or other covered critical illnesses:

● Cancer
● Heart attack
● Heart bypass surgery
● Stroke
● Kidney failure

Also, check out our latest enhancement on Critical Illness Plans that provides greater value in your critical illness coverage. Because we want you to get back on your feet faster, better and stronger without any worry.

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Mr Lee’s story

Mr Lee took out PRUMy Critical Care RM100,000 of coverage.

After waiting period (when claim is not allowed) passed, he was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer and claimed RM50,000, 50% of his policy’s coverage.

Four months later, he made a claim for late stage prostate cancer and we paid him another RM50,000 (50% of his policy’s coverage).There was a one year waiting period before he could claim for another late stage condition.

After that, he claimed again for a late stage heart condition and we paid him RM100,000 – 100% of his policy's coverage.

After another year ’s waiting period between late stage conditions, he was diagnosed with a late stage stroke. We paid another RM100,000, 100% of his policy’s coverage.

Finally, after another year’s waiting period he claimed for late stage kidney failure. Again, we paid RM100,000, 100% of his policy ’s coverage, and ended his policy as he has claimed up to its total limit.

Overall, we have paid 400% of his policy’s coverage.

Note: Waiting period is the amount of time a policyholder must wait before the coverage starts.

Extra plans

You can also add extra plans to strengthen your coverage. Choose from plans that:

Build a lump sum for your child’s future, a rainy day or whatever you choose:

● PRUSaver

● PRUSaver Kid

Pay you a lump sum or your medical cost or a regular income if you have an accident:

● Acci Guard Plus

● Acci Med Plus

● Acci Income Plus

Pay you a lump sum if you have a critical illness:

 Total Multi Crisis Care

● Crisis Care

● Crisis Guard

● Essential Child Plus

Pay for your hospital bills:

● PRUValue Med

● PRUMillion Med

● PRUHealth

● PRUMedic Overseas

Pay your premiums upon Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), death or diagnosis of critical illness:

● Payor Basic

Payor Saver

● Spouse Payor Basic

● Spouse Payor Saver

● Parent Payor Basic

● Parent Payor Saver

● 2Parent Payor Basic

● 2Parent Payor Saver

Protect your unborn or young child and their mother:

● Mom and Baby Care

Pay additional death benefit:

● Protect Booster

Build a lump sum for your child’s future, a rainy day or whatever you choose:

● PRUSaver

● PRUSaver Kid

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Critical Illness Insurance Malaysia FAQ

What is critical illness?

Critical illness includes illness that can be life-threatening or take a longer time to recover after diagnosis and can put one in a financial crisis

What illnesses does a critical illness plan cover?

Our critical illness plans cover up to 190 conditions typically ranging from cancer, heart attack, stroke and coronary bypass. It provides a lump sum payment once diagnosed with a serious illness including the terminal ones which may have a lasting impact on you and your family.

What is survival period in critical illness?

A survival period is the time duration that one must be alive after the diagnosis of a critical disease. Being an important part of a critical illness policy, the survival period varies between 7 days to 30 days depending on your critical illness plan.

How much critical illness cover should you get?

Ideally, a critical illness plan must provide sufficient payout for your living expenses which is equivalent as 10x of your total annual income. This is to ensure that everything is taken care of while you focus on your recovery.

How to choose the best critical illness insurance policy?

When choosing a critical illness plan, you must look out for the following:

  • Types of illnesses covered

  • Your family’s medical history

  • Your financial standing

  • Types of plans available


It is important to go for a plan that is flexible, affordable and provides maximum coverage for your future needs.

What are the most common critical illnesses?

Some of the common critical illnesses include cancer (lung & nasopharyngeal in males and cervical & breast in females), heart attack and stroke.


Why critical illness insurance is important?

Critical illness insurance is important as it can:

  • Pay for treatments that are not covered by medical plan.

  • Help with daily expenses if you’re critically ill and thus, allow you to focus on getting well.

  • Help with transportation expenses, including journeys to treatment centers, wheelchairs, and even installing lifts in your home.

Is critical illness insurance worth having?

Yes, it is. Many feel that having a life insurance policy will be enough should they experience death. However, critical illnesses can be just as stressful financially for a family. Critical illness payouts will help take care of your finances while you recover. This is extremely important if you unable to work due to illness, hence loss of income.

How much does critical illness insurance payout?

This will depend on your critical illness insurance plan.

Can I have two critical illness policies?

Yes, you can have more than one critical illness policy, as according to your needs and budget.

Can I just buy a critical illness cover?

Yes, you can buy a standalone critical illness cover or attach as a rider to your investment-linked plan.

Is life insurance better than critical illness insurance?

Life insurance and critical illness insurance are both equally important. This is because they offer different types of protection. Critical illness policies cover you and help with your finances in the case the insured contacts a critical illness. It does not cover death benefits. Life insurance provides financially for beneficiaries if the insured dies. 

Does critical illness insurance cover accidents?

Basic critical illness insurance does not usually cover accidents, although you might be able to claim for a critical illness caused by an accident. For example, traumatic head injuries or total blindness. However, to be safe, you can purchase or add on a plan that includes cover for accidents.