no claims benefit

No Claims Benefit

Enjoy rewards for staying healthy when you purchase PRUMillion Med Booster or PRUValue Med Booster

What is this No Claims Benefit?

Enjoy the preventive care if there is no claims incurred on preceding year.
Medical Check Up
Identify your risk of developing a chronic condition.
Diagnostic Test
Diagnose a condition, disease, or illness.
Reduces your chance of being infected.
Subscription Program
Get a healthy lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medical Check Up?

Medical examination performed by a registered practitioner for health screening purposes and must be received at any registered clinic, healthcare provider or Hospital.

 Examples of Medical Check Up

What is Diagnostic Test?

The investigation and diagnostic tests, which are performed by the Specialist or Doctor for diagnostic purposes for a Disability and must be received at any registered clinic, healthcare provider or Hospital.

 Examples of Diagnostic Test

What is Vaccination?

Administration of vaccines which have been approved by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) or local health authorities in Malaysia and administered in any registered clinic, healthcare provider or Hospital or offsite locations approved by local health authorities in Malaysia.

You can always identify the approved vaccine at QUEST 3+ Product Search (

 Examples of Vaccination

What is Subscription Program?

Subscription programs under digital platform which include but are not limited to health, wellness, fitness, nutrition features that are offered by Pulse, Prudential group or any other entity as informed by us.

 Example of Subscription Program

Important note: Eligibility of the claim would be subjected to your policy terms and conditions.