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PRUServices (formerly known as My Coverage) on Pulse

Get your annual statement, ePolicy, policy/certificate details on-the-go

With PRUServices, a tap of your finger is all it takes to view and download your annual statement, ePolicy/eCertificate* and review if your current coverage is sufficient. Just key in your NRIC or policy number to link your Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) policy(ies).

Other capabilities include change of policy details slip when changes are made to your policy, check policy info such as status, details, benefits, investment fund (if applicable) and agent info whenever and wherever you are.

More features to be released in phases soon, so stay tuned! 

Click here for PRUServices Guide.

*ePolicy/eCertificate and change of policy details' slip on PRUServices is only available for PAMB policies/certificates issued from July 2016 onwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

PRUServices (formerly known as My Coverage)

1. What is PRUServices in Pulse?
Services is a quick and easy way to access your policy/certificate  information for life insurance policies that you own with Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) and Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad (PBTB).

2. Where do I find PRUServices in Pulse?
Services is located at the top of the page for quick access. Alternatively, you may access PRUServices as you scroll down the main page or tap on the PRUShoppe icon.


3. Who can access policy/certificate information in PRUServices?
Registered Pulse users who have PAMB policies or PBTB certificates; and performed policy/certificate linkage steps in PRUServices would be able to access PRUServices to view their life insurance policy/certificate information. Users have the option to perform policy/certificate linkage with NRIC or policies/certificates number of any one of their life insurance policies/certificates that they own with Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) or PruBSN Takaful Berhad (PBTB).

4. Do I need to agree on any Terms & Conditions before accessing my policy/certificate information in PRUServices?
Yes, after agreeing to the PAMB/PBTB Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, you may tick the box in PRUServices in order to ‘Proceed’ with the linkage of your policies/certificate.


5. If I have more than one life insurance policy/certificate, do I need to perform policy/certificate linkage for all my policies/certificates in PRUServices?
No, you just need perform linkage in PRUServices with NRIC or policy/certificate number of any one of your life insurance policies/certificates that you own with Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) or PruBSN Takaful Berhad (PBTB), and the system will automatically link all the policies/certificates owned by you.

6. What type of policy/certificate information does PRUServices provide?
Services provides you the following policy/certificate information:

  • Products Owned & Campaigns Enrolled (including digital plan purchased through Pulse)

  • Policy/Certificate/Reference Number

  • Person Covered (Main Life Assured) and Personal Details

  • Issued Date

  • Installment Premium and Payment Mode

  • Next Payment Due Date

  • Policy/Certificate Statuses

  • Riders Details and Statuses

  • Investment Fund info for Investment Linked Plan (if applicable)

  • Servicing Agent Details

  • View and download Life Assurance Premium Statement of up to 3 years

  • View and download Change of Policy/Certificate Details Slip

  • View and download ePolicy/eCertificate for PAMB policies issued from July 2016 onwards



7. How do I find out more about my policy/certificate?
In PRUServices, you may click on the policy/certificate card to view your personal details at a glance, as well as payment information, policy/certificate benefits, investment fund (if applicable) and agent details.

8. How do I find out more about my investment fund (if applicable to my policy)?
In PRUServices, you may click on the policy/certificate card, tap on 'Benefit' tab to view your investment fund details.

9. Can I view my PruBSN Takaful certificates as well in PRUServices?
Good news! PruBSN Takaful certificates are available in PRUServices to view your certificate information.

10. How can I pay the premium for my policy/certificate?
For now, premium payments can be done online via our corporate website or PRUAccess Plus. Do stay tuned as progressive enhancements will be made to include premium payment function in PRUServices.

11. How can I change my contact details?
Follow the steps below to change your contact details:

  • Go to 'PRUServices' and tap on the policy card.
  • Tap on 'Update Contact Details' at the red ribbon.
  • Select the options for OTP delivery and tap on 'Send'.
  • Enter the OTP received at your mobile phone and tap on 'Continue'.
  • Tap on 'Edit' to change the contact details that you wish to update and follow the steps in the screen.
  • Confirmation on update contact details will be available in 'Documents' tab within 48 hours.

12. What should I do if I did not receive the One Time Password (OTP) on my mobile phone?
If the mobile number is incorrect or not registered with Prudential, you will not be able to receive the OTP to complete the policy/certificate linkage to view your life insurance policy/certificate information in Pulse.

If you wish to update your contact details, you may:

  • Update it online at PRUAccess Plus if you are a PRUAccess Plus user, or

  • Complete the Change of Contact Details Form and return it through your agent or

    email to

  • Contact our Customer Service at 03-2771 0228 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5:15pm)


13. Why my beneficiary/nominee information is not available in PRUServices?
The beneficiary/nominee information is not available in PRUServices for now.

14. Why the fund details of my policy/certificate in  PRUServices are different from PRUAccess Plus?
The fund details in PRUServices are updated on the next working day. There could be timing difference with fund details in PRUAccess Plus updated in more real-time manner. 

15. What should I do if I am not able to view my policy/certificate document from the "Documents" tab in PRUServices, or it is taking too long to load my policy/certificate document?
If you are unable to view your policy/certificate document, it could probably due to file size larger than 10MB. For assistance, you may contact our Customer Service at 03-2771 0228 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:15pm). 


Access policy/certificate info and more with PRUServices

Get your ePolicy/eCertificate, premium statement and change of policy/certificate details slip on Pulse.
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