How to Choose the Right Health Plan

How to Choose the Right Health Plan for You and Your Family?

Ensuring the health of one’s family is everyone’s first priority. It is where health insurance comes in to fit into your medical expenses in case of any emergencies. And it might not be the easiest of task.

While medical emergencies can’t be anticipated, you definitely can ensure the right medical care with a health insurance policy. Getting a medical card for your family seems now more imminent to lessen the burden of overwhelming medical expenses.

A health insurance policy might seemed very burdensome but a little research can help you make your way wisely.

  • There are plenty of affordable medical card options available that not only charge a minimum but also provides great coverage for different types of medical illnesses. Co-insurance plans are also available.

  • Understand your family needs. Do some research to figure out where and when you need to enroll, how much health care you use or will use. Look out for any illnesses that run in the family. You would need to ensure the medical card you sign-up for covers those illnesses.

  • Review and compare health plans available to you. It is important to look out for any yearly costs, and not just monthly premiums.

  • Don’t overestimate things. Keep it realistic.


Why Choose Prudential?

When opting for a medical plan, it is best suited to go for an option that provides a comprehensive coverage for all your medical needs. Hence, Prudential’s wide range of insurance plans truly makes it hassle free for you to choose from so it fits your family’s health needs.

As the leading insurer in Malaysia, Prudential’s array of products and medical cards are affordable and customisable to fit in your budget. From the basic lite plans to an advanced complete range of Comprehensive plan, we provide products and solutions to take care of your healthcare needs.

If you are a healthy individual with no family history, you can check out our Lite plans which provide you basic medical coverage. But if you are looking for a greater protection, then PRUMy Medical Plus is the best plan to opt for. PRUMy Medical Plus is medical insurance solution that covers your medical costs and pays a lump sum if you become total and permanently disabled or upon death.

No one plans to get sick but once it happens, accidents or medical emergencies can hit anyone.  So be prepared, and ensure that you have sufficient health insurance coverage to get through it. With the best coverage options available, our goal in Prudential is to bridge the protection gap, and make health insurance available for all Malaysians.

Find out more about PRUMy Medical Plus here.