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Crisis Cover Benefit

Get covered for any of the 36 critical illnesses.

Take charge before crisis strikes with critical illness coverage

Being critically ill can change the course of your life. With Crisis Cover Benefit, you will be covered if any of the 36 critical illnesses come your way. Steer back your life with full advanced payout from your basic plan’s coverage. 

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What is the Crisis Cover Benefit, and what does it cover?

Prudential’s Crisis Cover Benefit is an insurance add-on coverage for any of the 36 critical illnesses specified in the policy. You will receive an advanced payout from their basic plan’s coverage if you are diagnosed with these illnesses.

What is the purpose of the Crisis Cover Benefit?

The main purpose of the Crisis Cover Benefit is to provide financial support in the event of a critical illness diagnosis, helping policyholders manage the financial impact of their illness.

What type of insurance plan is the Crisis Cover Benefit?

The Crisis Cover Benefit is an insurance rider, meaning it's an add-on to a basic insurance plan. It provides additional coverage specifically for critical illnesses.

Which plan can the Crisis Cover Benefit be attached to?

The Crisis Cover Benefit can be attached to a basic plan called PRUCash.

What happens if I'm diagnosed with a critical illness?

If you're diagnosed with any of the 36 critical illnesses covered by the Crisis Cover Benefit, you will receive an advanced payout from your basic plan’s coverage.

What is the benefit of adding the Crisis Cover Benefit to my insurance plan?

Adding the Crisis Cover Benefit provides additional financial protection in the event of a critical illness diagnosis, offering a safety net beyond the coverage of a basic insurance plan.

What is the difference between critical illness coverage and health insurance?

While health insurance typically covers a broad range of health-related expenses, such as medical bills, hospital stays, and prescription medications, Prudential’s Crisis Cover Benefit, on the other hand, is a critical illness coverage designed to provide financial security by offering a lump sum payout specifically when the policyholder is diagnosed with a predefined critical illness, ensuring that they receive a substantial sum to address immediate and pressing needs.

Can I increase my critical illness coverage after my policy has started?

This depends on the terms of the insurance policy and other factors. For example, your health status at the time of your request to increase.

What documents do I need to provide when claiming the Crisis Cover Benefit?

When claiming the Crisis Cover Benefit, you'll typically need to provide medical documentation to support your claim and any required claim forms. To find out how you can make a claim, click here.

Can I claim the Crisis Cover Benefit from more than one insurance policy?

If you have critical illness coverage from multiple insurance policies, you can typically claim benefits from each policy, subject to the specific terms and conditions on your policy document.

Can I get critical illness coverage if I have a pre-existing condition?

Obtaining critical illness coverage when you have a pre-existing condition can vary based on the specific rules of your insurance policy. It is important to talk to us if you require further information.

Do I really need critical illness coverage?

Whether you need critical illness coverage depends on your personal circumstances, including your health, finances and risk factors. It provides a lump sum payout if you're diagnosed with a specific illness which can help cover costs not handled by regular health insurance. However, it also has costs, such as premiums.

Is critical illness coverage better than life insurance?

Critical illness coverage and life insurance address different needs. Critical illness coverage offers a payout if you're diagnosed with a specified illness, aiding with medical and living expenses. On the other hand, life insurance provides a payout to your beneficiaries when you pass away, assisting with funeral costs and providing financial support. The choice between the two depends on your individual situation and requirements.

Does critical illness insurance cover all cancers?

Critical illness insurance policies often cover a range of cancers, but there can be exceptions. Some may not cover certain types of skin cancer or early-stage cancers. You can also check out Prudential’s PRUCancer X for insurance against cancer.

Does critical illness cover death?

Critical illness insurance provides a payout if the policyholder is diagnosed with a specific illness covered by the policy. It typically doesn't cover death unless a covered illness directly causes it within a certain time frame. For general death coverage, a life insurance policy is usually required.