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PRUCancer X

Stay protected against cancer at all costs and take charge of your recovery.

Fight against cancer and recover stronger 


When diagnosed with cancer, we understand the potential cost of treatments can be taxing for your finances. With PRUCancer X, you and your loved ones are financially protected and receive the means to take charge and recover from cancer. 

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More about PRUCancer X
A solution that provides cancer protection for 10 years.

PRUCancer X is a regular premium plan that provides insurance protection for 10 years. It pays Cancer Benefit upon Life Assured’s diagnosis of the covered conditions. It also provides Compassionate Benefit upon death of the Life Assured. This policy comes with the mechanism of automatic conversion to another 10-year term plan at the end of the 10 years, without new underwriting. This automatic conversion will be done at the end of each 10-year term before or on the Life Assured’s age of 70 next birthday provided that the policy is not terminated.

A plan that offers both cancer and compassionate benefits 

PRUCancer X pays Cancer Benefit upon Life Assured’s diagnosis of the covered conditions. It also provides Compassionate Benefit upon death of the Life Assured.

Cancer benefit table


Amount of benefit


Diagnosed within Policy Year 1

Diagnosed within Policy Year 2 above

Category 1

  • Carcinoma-In-Situ

  • Early Prostate Cancer

  • Early Bladder Cancer

  • Early Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

  • Thyroid Cancer

5% of Basic Sum Assured in one lump sum*

10% of Basic Sum Assured in one lump sum*

Category 2

  • Cancer (except Thyroid Cancer)

10% of Basic Sum Assured in one lump sum

100% of Basic Sum Assured in one lump sum

 *Payment of Category 1 Cancer Benefit reduces Category 2 Cancer Benefit.



  1. Category 1 Cancer Benefit is payable once only.

  2. This plan will terminate after a claim has been made for Category 2 Cancer Benefit or Compassionate Benefit or upon expiry of the plan, whichever happen first.

  3. Cancer Benefit for the first year of auto converted policy will follow the benefit for policy year 2 and above.

Compassionate benefit

We provide RM10,000 if you unfortunately pass away to safeguard your loved ones.

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About your plan

How much does it cost (your premium)?

Insurance premium will vary according to the amount of coverage, age, gender and smoking status.

Our underwriters decide this, depending on your circumstances.

Please click here for full premium rates.

How long will I need to pay premiums?

You pay premiums for as long as you have your plan in force.

How long does the coverage last?

10 years, with mechanism of automatic conversion to another new and available 10 year-term cancer plan with an applicable premium at that point of time.

How old must the life assured (the person covered by the plan) be when the plan starts?

1 – 60 years old

What’s the minimum amount of coverage?


What’s the maximum amount of coverage?

  • RM500,000 for those aged between 1 - 20 years old

  • RM2,000,000 for those aged between 21 - 60 years old

What will happen to my plan if a claim is made?

Category 1 of cancer benefit

Plan continues in force and coverage amount will reduce accordingly.


Category 2 of cancer benefit & compassionate benefit

Plan terminates.

What are the waiting period that I should be aware of?

Category 1 of cancer benefit

90 days


Category 2 of cancer benefit

60 days


*Waiting period is only applicable once at the inception of first policy. After auto conversion, there will be no waiting period.

What are the exclusions of PRUCancer X?

  1. Symptoms of illness that occur prior to or within 60 days for Category 2 of Cancer Benefit and 90 days for Category 1 of Cancer Benefit after the rider has commenced.

  2. Symptoms of illness that is under Category 2 of Cancer Benefit is diagnosed as Thyroid Cancer (as it is covered under Category 1 of Cancer Benefit).

  3. Illness that was not diagnosed while the Life Assured was alive.

  4. Illness arising directly or indirectly from Pre-Existing Conditions.

  5. Illness that is directly or indirectly caused by the existence of Acquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome (“AIDS”) or the presence of any Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (“HIV”) infection.

  6. Illness that is a congenital condition or is caused directly or indirectly from a congenital condition which happens, or which the Life Assured start to get symptoms of, within the first 2 years from the date of birth of the Life Assured.

  7. Illness that is caused by alcohol or substance abuse or addiction.

  8. Illness that is caused by nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, nuclear waste or any radioactive or ionizing radiation.


Note: This list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to the policy contract for the full list of exclusions under this policy.

All ages in this table are age next birthday (ANB)

Important notes
Key information and disclaimers.
  1. This content contains only a brief description of the product and is not exhaustive. You are advised to refer to Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB)’s Brochure, Product Disclosure Sheet, Product / Sales Illustration and the consumer education booklet on Medical and Health Insurance before purchasing the plan, and to refer to the terms and conditions in the policy contract for details of the features and benefits, exclusions and waiting periods of the policy.