Pregnancy Insurance in Malaysia
Protection for Expectant Moms and Their Children

It's no secret that pregnancy is one of the most exciting stages of a woman's life - a time when many women look forward to holding their new bundle of joy.

But it's imperative to note that not all women have the same odds of having a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. Either way - whether you're planning on having a baby or already have one - you will need insurance coverage during this stage of giving life.

What is pregnancy insurance?
Pregnancy insurance is a specialised type of health insurance that covers the costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth. This includes prenatal care, delivery costs, and postnatal care for both mother and baby.

It is often offered as an optional rider or add-on to a standard health insurance policy, and may have additional costs or different coverage limits than the main policy. With some providers, it is also possible to purchase standalone pregnancy insurance policies.

Why is maternity insurance important?
Maternity insurance is important because it helps cover the costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth, such as prenatal care, delivery, and postpartum care, which can be significant.

Having maternity insurance can also provide peace of mind for expecting parents, knowing that they will be able to afford the necessary medical care for their child. Additionally, some maternity insurance plans may also cover the costs of infant care, such as baby check-ups and vaccinations.

Without maternity insurance, these costs would have to be paid out-of-pocket, which can be financially burdensome for many families.

In summary, enhancing your existing health insurance plan with maternity coverage allows you to:

  • Safeguard against the increasing healthcare costs.

  • Cover your new-born for 90 days, which is helpful if they are diagnosed with a congenital ailment.

  • Cover maternity-related hospitalisation expenses up to 30 days before childbirth whilst also providing coverage against post-hospitalization expenses for up to 60 days.

  • Cover medical unpredictable expenses related to Caesarean section, normal delivery, and post-delivery complications for the mother.

Prudential maternity insurance in Malaysia

Pregnancy is a time of high risk and potential peril for the mother and child. Such is life with a baby in tow - babies have to be protected to ensure they are safe and sound.

Prudential Malaysia offers PRUMy Child Plus, a health insurance plan that covers expectant mothers and their babies. This brings peace of mind during this special time as its coverage start from 13 weeks of pregnancy.

Prudential pregnancy insurance benefits for baby

Coverage for 27 congenital conditions
The PRUMy Child Plus plan covers up to 27 congenital conditions. For example, Down syndrome, heart defects, and certain genetic disorders.

Having coverage for such congenital conditions can provide financial protection for the child and family in the event that the child requires medical treatment or ongoing care for the condition.

However, it's important to note that coverage for congenital conditions may have specific limitations or exclusions. As such, it's a good idea to review the policy's terms and conditions and consult with an insurance agent to understand the coverage provided.

Coverage for all congenital structural conditions
This plan provides coverage for all structural congenital conditions, which are health conditions that involve abnormal structure or function of the body. These conditions include heart defects, cleft lip and palate, certain genetic disorders, etc.

Similarly, structural congenital conditions may have certain limitations or exclusions, such as waiting periods or exclusions for pre-existing conditions. Thus,again, it's always a good idea to understand the policy's terms and conditions.

Yearly support for autism, ADHD and other conditions
This coverage includes benefits for neurodevelopmental disorders like Autism and ADHD. This coverage may include diagnostic evaluations, behavioural therapy, and medication management for children with these conditions.

Coverage for ICU/HDU admission
The PRUMy Child Plus plan includes benefits for ICU/HDU (Intensive Care Unit/High Dependency Unit) admission. It provides financial protection for the extra costs associated with a child's stay in an ICU or HDU, which can result in high medical fees due to the use of additional medical equipment.

This cover protects the child within the first year of birth at a rate of RM800 daily (max 60 days).

Coverage for neonatal jaundice

Neonatal jaundice is quite common among newborns. Some babies require hospitalisation for jaundice. This plan covers phototherapy treatment within 60 days from birth to the tune of RM 2,000.

Prudential pregnancy insurance benefits for mother

Coverage for emergency C-section delivery
The PRUMy Child Plus plan covers emergency C-section delivery before 36 weeks of gestation. This coverage can provide financial protection for the extra costs associated with a C-section delivery, which can include higher medical fees and additional medical equipment.

Coverage for pregnancy complications
This policy also provides financial protection for the extra costs associated with pregnancy complications.

These can consist of higher medical fees, additional medical equipment, and hospital stays up to 60 days from birth to the tune of RM 8,000 and an additional RM 2,000 - if accompanied by gestational diabetes mellitus.

Coverage for maternity cancer
This policy provides coverage for various types of illnesses, including maternity cancer, up to 60 days from birth. The plan covers the cost of hospitalisation, surgery, and other medical expenses related to the treatment of maternity cancer.

Additionally, it also provides coverage for accidental death and permanent disability.

Coverage for mental health
This insurance coverage includes benefits for mental health during pregnancy. It provides financial protection for the extra costs associated with mental health care for the mother, which includes diagnostic evaluations, therapy, and medication management all up to the first year from birth.

Do you need maternity insurance?
The eligibility criteria to purchase maternity health insurance may vary from one insurer to another. Nonetheless, maternity insurance is a no-brainer as it gives a host of benefits, including the following:

Safeguard mother’s wellbeing
Maternity insurance helps safeguard a mother's well-being by providing financial protection for the costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth. This can include coverage for things like prenatal care, delivery costs and postpartum care. It can also cover the cost of delivery in case of an emergency c-section.

Having this coverage helps reduce the financial burden on the mother and her family during a time when they may already be dealing with added stress and expenses. Additionally, having access to regular prenatal care can help ensure the mother and baby's health during pregnancy and can help prevent any complications from arising.

Supports delivery
Delivery costs often include the cost of a hospital stay, the delivery itself, and any complications that may arise during childbirth. These are met by maternity insurance.

Holistic prenatal protection for baby
Prenatal care is also covered under maternity insurance. This can include regular check-ups, prenatal tests, and ultrasound exams to monitor the health of the mother and baby.

Continuous protection as your child grows.
Maternity insurance also protects your child as they grow. Congenital and other conditions that might come up during the child’s life are covered.

PRUMy Child Plus will continue to protect your child until the age of 100 with medical protection, accident protection, critical illness protection, payer benefit protection, and savings for the education fund.

It's worth noting that not all insurance plans cover maternity care, so it's essential to check with your insurance provider to see what types of coverage are included in your plan and what additional options are available.

Where and how to get pregnancy insurance in Malaysia?
In Malaysia, pregnancy insurance can be obtained through private insurance companies or through government-provided health insurance. To get pregnancy insurance through a private insurance company, you can:

Contact insurance providers directly: Many private insurance companies in Malaysia offer pregnancy insurance policies. You can contact them directly to learn more about the coverage options and costs.

  • Use an insurance comparison website: There are various insurance comparison websites available in Malaysia that allow you to compare the coverage and costs of different pregnancy insurance policies from multiple insurance providers.
  • Consult with insurance agents: You can also consult with insurance agents who can provide you with more information about the coverage and costs of different pregnancy insurance policies from various insurance providers.

Prudential Insurance offers a variety of insurance policies to suit your needs.
PRUMy Child Plus is a great policy with a plethora of benefits for both mother and child.

It makes sense that every pregnant woman in Malaysia wants to safeguard the well-being of herself and her baby, as well as offer continuous protection to her child.

Considering all this, obtaining Prudential's pregnancy insurance is recommended for every expecting mother. Not only does it offer holistic prenatal protection, but it also covers infertility treatment and all major congenital or birth defects.