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What is an insurance rider?

An insurance rider adds to a primary insurance policy, providing additional benefits beyond the standard coverage. It allows you to customise their insurance to fit your needs better.

What types of insurance policies have riders?

Generally, a rider can be added to life insurance policies to provide additional benefits such as an accidental death benefit, waiver of premium in case of disability, or critical illness coverage. Similarly, riders can be added to health insurance policies to cover additional medical conditions or treatments that are not covered under the basic policy.

Why should I consider adding a rider to my insurance policy?

Adding a rider to your insurance policy comes with numerous advantages. These include the ability to tailor coverage to your specific needs, gain extra protection not offered in the standard policy, save money compared to purchasing a separate policy, and enjoy the flexibility to modify coverage as circumstances evolve.

Do insurance riders cost extra?

Yes, typically, insurance riders do cost extra. The cost of a rider is added to the premium of the basic policy. The exact price can vary depending on the type of rider, the level of coverage, the policyholder's age, health status, lifestyle, etc. Discussing the cost and benefits of potential riders is always a good idea.

Can I add a rider at any time during my policy term?

The flexibility to incorporate a rider into an existing policy at any point differs. Certain policies allow for the addition of a rider at any time. However, others may only permit the addition of riders during specific periods, such as at the policy's inception, upon policy renewal, or following a significant life event like childbirth under the PRUMy Child Plus plan.

Can I remove an insurance rider from my policy?

Yes, you can typically remove a rider from your insurance policy, but the process and rules can vary, such as reducing your coverage level or penalty charges.

Are there any age restrictions or medical requirements for adding riders to my insurance policy?

Several of Prudential’s insurance policies could potentially have age restrictions or medical requirements for adding riders, and specifics would depend on the terms and conditions of each insurance plan.

What happens to the rider if I cancel my base insurance policy?

If you cancel your base insurance policy, any riders attached to that policy will also be terminated. This is because riders are add-ons to the base policy and are not standalone policies. They are designed to enhance the coverage of the base policy and cannot exist independently.

Can I have multiple riders on a single insurance policy?

Yes, adding multiple riders to a single insurance policy is possible. This allows you to customise your coverage to suit your specific needs better.

Do insurance riders have waiting periods?

Yes, some insurance riders may have waiting periods. A waiting period is a length of time that must pass before certain coverages can begin. The specifics can vary depending on the type of insurance plan, the specific rider, and the policy terms.

How to choose the right insurance rider for me?

Choosing the right insurance rider involves assessing your needs and financial situation, evaluating the cost and benefits of the rider, consulting with a professional, and carefully reading the terms and conditions. The right choice depends on your circumstances and needs; therefore, it is advisable to review your coverage regularly.