Prudential’s PRUMy Critical Care Covers Early to Late Stage Critical Illnesses for 160 Conditions

KUALA LUMPUR, 30 September 2019 – In Malaysia, major critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack and stroke, are prevalent and continue to be a public health concern. Heart disease has been identified as the leading cause of death[1] while statistics show that cancer is the fourth-leading killer among Malaysians, with one in 10 men and one in nine women at risk of getting cancer[2].

PRUMy Critical Care, a new solution from Prudential Malaysia Assurance Berhad (PAMB), provides comprehensive financial protection against 160 critical illness conditions, one of the highest in the market and offers coverage up to age 100 for early, intermediate and late-stage detection. It allows multiple claims on early to late stage critical illnesses up to a total of four times of the sum assured and an additional 20 percent of the sum assured for diabetic and joint related conditions.

“Early detection significantly reduces one’s financial burden; not only is the cost of treatment more affordable in the early stages, patients will also have better chances of recovery when they are given timely access to effective treatment. PRUMy Critical Care provides early critical illness coverage on 101 conditions, the highest in the market*. With the rising costs of medical care, it is not easy to shoulder the expenses of treatment alone. One needs to consider the type of treatment needed, the time away from work to recover which could be long term, and even post-treatment care. PRUMy Critical Care will help relieve that pressure by providing you with a lump sum payout, so you can focus on getting the best care that you deserve,” said Eric Wong, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer of PAMB.

PRUMy Critical Care also provides protection in the event of a re-diagnosis for three of the most prevalent diseases – cancer, heart attack and stroke. According to global research, one in four cancer survivors develop a second new cancer; breast cancer survivors are at higher risk of getting a second unrelated cancer[3].

Eric added, “What many people do not realise is that once you have had a critical illness, the risk of a recurrence is much higher. For instance, one in five people who have had a heart attack will be readmitted to the hospital for a second one within five years[4]. Being cognisant that many Malaysians may lose their protection once they have claimed for one critical illness, PRUMy Critical Care continues to offer protection for cancer, heart attack and stroke even after a claim has been made”.

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*As at September 2019

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