COVID-19 Vaccination Side Effect Coverage

COVID-19 Vaccination Side Effect Coverage


The National COVID-19 Immunisation programme is crucial for achieving herd immunity and to reduce the spread of the disease. We understand some of our customers want to protect themselves but worried about potential complications or side effects.

As your well-being is our priority, we are happy to announce that our medical plans will be covering hospitalisation due to complications and side effects arising after receiving the government approved COVID-19 vaccination. This will be in addition to current various COVID-19 campaigns and initiatives that we have introduced.

  • Coverage is subject to the benefit limits, and terms and conditions of your existing medical plan
  • Coverage starts immediately (subject to any existing waiting period under the medical plan) and will continue until the World Health Organisation or our Malaysian government declares that COVID-19 is no longer characterised as a pandemic.
  • All existing and future customers of medical plans are eligible for the coverage up to the point that the above declaration is made.

Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Vaccination Side Effect Coverage

1. Is hospitalisation or death resulting from complications or side effects due to COVID-19 vaccination covered?
For hospitalisation due to complication or side effects from COVID-19 vaccination
We cover all customers who have a medical plan with us for the medical expenses incurred for in-hospitalisation treatment received to treat the complications and side effect(s) after taking a COVID-19 vaccine that has been approved by the Malaysian government and administered by the appointed parties accordingly. The claim will be subject to the benefit limits and terms & conditions of the policy or certificate. This coverage will continue until the World Health Organisation or our Malaysian government no longer characterized COVID-19 as a pandemic.

For death after receiving COVID-19 vaccination
Death due to COVID-19 vaccination is covered under the Death Benefit under the policy or certificate. Please refer to the policy/certificate for exclusions, terms and conditions that apply to Death Benefit.

2. Is COVID-19 vaccination covered under the medical plan?
No, cost of taking vaccines (including COVID-19 vaccine) is not covered under medical plans because medical plans only cover for reasonably and customary charges incurred for a Medically Necessary treatment for a disability.

3. I just bought a new medical plan. Is there a waiting period for COVID-19 vaccination side effects coverage?
Waiting period of 30 days will be applied for complications arising due to Covid-19 vaccinations.

4. Will PAMB/PruBSN issue pre-authorisation of medical claims (Guarantee Letter) if I am hospitalised in panel hospitals for any complications or side effect(s) arising from COVID-19 vaccination?
COVID-19 related vaccination will be covered on reimbursement basis. Customers can pay the hospitalisation charges and subsequently file for reimbursement.

5. Can I claim for Hospital Income Benefit if I am hospitalised due to complications or side effect(s) from COVID-19 vaccine?
You can claim for the Hospital Income Benefit, if you own an eligible hospital income benefit plan. Your claim will be assessed based on the terms and conditions of your hospital income benefit plan.

6. If the vaccine was administered overseas, will PAMB/PruBSN cover for treatment received in a hospital outside Malaysia due to complications or side effects arising from COVID-19 vaccination?
Yes, so long the COVID-19 vaccine obtained falls within the list of vaccines approved by the Malaysian government, we will process and administer the claim based on the terms and conditions of the medical plan, such as terms related to Reasonable and Customary Charges and the Overseas Residence clause.