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Get covered for expenses incurred during hospitalisation.
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Cover your health in times of need


With PRUValue Med, we cover your medical and surgical expenses incurred if you are hospitalised. You have the flexibility to choose your preferred level of coverage (flexible room and board, coinsurance trigger level, and deductible option).

This medical card has no annual or lifetime limit*. It covers:

  • Hospital daily room and board

  • Intensive Care Unit/Cardiac Care Unit

  • Surgical fees and in-hospital related services

  • Outpatient treatment - Pre and post hospitalisation treatment, home nursing care, day surgery expenses, day care procedure, kidney dialysis and cancer treatment

  • Maternity complications (Annual Limit)

  • Intraocular lens benefit (Lifetime Limit)

  • Emergency and dental treatment for accidental injury (Annual Limit)

  • Emergency medical assistance


    *Subject to Med Value Point (co-insurance trigger level).

Attachable plan

The basic plan that PRUValue Med can be attached to:

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Important notes
Key information and disclaimers.
  1. This content contains only a brief description of the product and is not exhaustive. You are advised to refer to  Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB)’s Brochure, Product Disclosure Sheet, Product / Sales Illustration, Fund Fact Sheet (if any), before purchasing the plan, and to refer to the terms and conditions in the policy document for details of the features and benefits, exclusions and waiting periods under the policy.

  2. If you choose PRUValue Med with deductible and do not provide the date of deductible, the date of deductible will be defaulted to PRUValue Med's effective date (i.e. date of annexure). When date of deductible and/or any of PRUValue Med with deductible’s benefit is amended (i.e. Hospital daily room and board, Med Value Point, Med Saver/deductible or expiry age), deductible will restart from zero and re-accumulate each time from the new effective date and date of deductible.

PROTECTION BY PERBADANAN INSURANS DEPOSIT MALAYSIA (“PIDM”) ON BENEFITS PAYABLE FROM THE UNIT PORTION OF THIS CERTIFICATE/POLICY IS(ARE) SUBJECT TO LIMITATIONS. Please refer to PIDM’s Takaful and Insurance Benefits Protection System (“TIPS”) Brochure or contact Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad or PIDM (visit www.pidm.gov.my).

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