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Prudential Marks a Major Milestone with Opening of New Corporate Head Office at Tun Razak Exchange

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 September 2019 – Prudential today celebrated the opening of its corporate head office, Menara Prudential, situated at Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) – Malaysia’s first dedicated international financial district. With all five of its businesses now located within the same premises, the opening marks a major milestone for Prudential in Malaysia and reaffirms its strong commitment to the industry and community.

Developed by IJM Corporation Berhad, the new Menara Prudential houses more than 2,000 employees from its life insurance business, Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad, joint venture takaful business, Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad, asset management operations, Eastspring Investments Berhad and Eastspring Al-Wara’ Investments Berhad, shared services hub, Prudential Services Asia, and a walk-in customer retail branch.

Officiating the launch ceremony, Yang Berhormat Tuan Lim Guan Eng, Minister of Finance, said, “We congratulate Prudential on their move and their continued commitment in Malaysia. The presence of Prudential, a leading international financial institution, in the TRX district will strengthen the positioning of Kuala Lumpur as a prime destination for international business and finance, including insurance. The role of insurance is to promote financial stability and peace of mind by providing protection to individuals and families as well as helping them to save for their future. Insurance is an important part of financial planning for all Malaysians. I hope to see greater private-public partnerships supporting our national aspiration for shared financial prosperity by ensuring all Malaysians are empowered with the right knowledge, accessibility, tools and skills to make financial decisions responsibly”.

Mr Gan Leong Hin, Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad shared, “We are extremely proud to be the first company to move into a world-class financial district, TRX. More importantly, all of Prudential’s businesses in Malaysia are now operating under one roof. Malaysia is the longest operating market for Prudential in Asia, where we have been serving the protection and saving needs of Malaysians for more than 95 years. Our new office is not only a testament to our commitment to the community we serve, but to our people as well. It supports an agile and dynamic work environment for our employees to inspire, innovate and thrive”.

Each floor of the office building is an ode to Malaysia’s vibrancy and showcases design themes related to natural scenery, arts and culture and urban landscapes. Menara Prudential features over ten types of workplace settings suited for Activity-Based Working. Open collaboration areas and work cafes are ideal for group discussions, focus pods and flex offices offer more privacy and a space to do individual focused work, while height adjustable desks enable employees to easily change postures from sitting to standing throughout the day which can positively impact their physical health.

Mr Gan added, “We have equipped our employees and office with state-of-the-art technology to enable a flexible and agile way of working. For example, unified communication technology works seamlessly across all devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones that we do not require a landline phone anymore. All our floors are wi-fi enabled and the technology that we use such as televisions and projectors are wireless. This allows our employees complete mobility. We are future proofing our workforce by ensuring our talents, which we consider the biggest assets of the company, are equipped with the right skill sets to embrace rapid changes and help our customers on their journey to achieve financial freedom and peace of mind”.

“This is a big milestone for IJM as Menara Prudential is the first building to be completed and occupied in TRX. We are delighted to welcome Prudential Malaysia as our lead tenant, where we expect the firm and its employees to thrive in what will arguably be Kuala Lumpur’s most iconic international business address. IJM is proud to deliver a sustainable and world-class office space with modern future-ready facilities that befits Prudential’s stature and wide-ranging business needs, as well as proud to gain a foothold in a landmark development like TRX”, said Mr Liew Hau Seng, CEO & Managing Director, IJM Corporation Berhad.

The 27-storey Menara Prudential is Grade A, LEED[1] Gold and MSC[2] certified, featuring resource saving measures such as rainwater harvesting and recycling. Other features include low emissivity glass and materials to reduce building heat and increase indoor environmental quality, and a building management system to optimise lighting and temperature performance. A 360° LED display wraps around the building - a first of its kind in Malaysia.


  1. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognised green building certification system, providing third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at improving performance across all the metrics that matter most: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts.

  2. MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) Malaysia status is a recognition by the Government of Malaysia through the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), for ICT and ICT-facilitated businesses that develop or use multimedia technologies to produce and enhance their products and services.