Prudential’s PRUKasih Community Investment Programme Fortifies Financial Resilience within B40 Communities

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 December 2018 – In Malaysia, some 2.7 million households are classified as the bottom 40% (B40) income group[1] and despite the average monthly income for this segment having increased from RM2,527 in 2014 to RM2,848 in 2016[2], the B40 are still vulnerable due to escalating costs of living and slower wage growth.

Recognising this vulnerability, insurer Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) introduced its Community Investment programme, PRUKasih in 2011 to provide free financial protection to selected low-income urban communities where sudden loss of income due to illness, accident or death can significantly affect the livelihoods of families. By covering the basic needs of food and shelter, PRUKasih provides social protection for families, which in turn can uplift whole communities.

PRUKasih’s mission to provide a safety net for low income families is also very much aligned to Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) focus to promote financial inclusivity where all segments of society have access to suitable and affordable formal financial services[3]. According to a survey by BNM, life insurance or takaful coverage of B40 households is only 4%[4].

PAMB works with various non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to provide families access to PRUKasih. Known as Distributors, these NGOs educate communities and assist individuals/families to register for the programme as well as disburse claims. Presently, there are eleven NGOs managing PRUKasih and in recognising their contributions, PAMB held their third PRUKasih Distributor Day at Sunway Putra Hotel today.

This year’s Distributor Day aimed to engage the Distributors by creating greater working synergy, equip them with extensive knowledge and encourage them through the recognition of their hard work and achievements in 2018, as well as sharing the business direction for 2019.

Yang Berhormat Hannah Yeoh, Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development who was an invited speaker at the event said, “The B40 segment remains a critical segment of society that the government continues to focus on as we aim to close the income disparity in the country. We applaud Prudential’s cross-sectoral collaboration with organisations from the public, private and social sectors to bring about impactful social change. PRUKasih is very much aligned with our efforts in working towards one of the key thrust areas of the government which is the people’s well-being”.

Eric Wong, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer of PAMB said, “We have made significant strides with PRUKasih over the years and are extremely proud of what we have achieved with the Distributors with whom we partner. PRUKasih is not only able to empower low-income families to be financially resilient in the face of mishaps, it also encourages them to stay strong in rebuilding their lives. Today on PRUKasih Distributor Day, we thank all the NGOs who everyday help us take one step closer in achieving our mission to provide financial freedom and peace of mind to all Malaysians”.

To date, PRUkasih provides financial protection to 38,000 households in 34 communities across Malaysia and has paid a total of RM1.8 million in claims.

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