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Embracing Your Definition of Family

Let's build a world Made For Every Family together

Family is the most precious gift you can receive in this life. However you choose to define family – by blood or by choice – there’s no doubt you will go to any length to ensure they are loved and, most importantly, protected.

Aside from your immediate family members, you can now protect your extended family members who depend on you and vice versa. Whether it's your grandchildren, retired uncle, niece or nephew who may be dependent on you, we're here to support their health and protection. 

We help you to do more and love with confidence with Extended Family Coverage.

Protect your extended family members who depend on you

Example 1
Granddaughter who requires tertiary education support from grandfather.
Example 2
Eldest brother who is supporting the youngest sibling.
Example 3
Retiree uncle who is single aging with no income and depends on nephew/niece.

How to protect and cover your extended family members?

The New and Efficient Way:

Purchase an insurance plan to cover your extended family member who is your dependent without proof of dependency for Sum Assured (SA) of RM100,000 and below*.

*If Sum Assured is more than RM100,000 per life, proof of financial dependency is required.

Alternatively, purchase protection for your extended family as a Payor:

Spouse, Children/Grandchildren, Parent/Grandparent, Brother/Sister, Employee, Uncle/Aunty, Nephew/Niece and Cousin can be payor to the insurance plan of the dependent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Extended Family Coverage?

Extended Family Coverage allows customers to protect and safeguard their family members that are beyond the ‘traditional’ family members, i.e., spouse and children, legal ward and employees.

With Extended Family Coverage, customers may now provide protection to their family members with Insurable Interest, for example, sibling, uncle or aunt, niece or nephew, grandparent, grandchild, cousin, step-parent and step-child.

What are the relationships that are eligible under the Extended Family Coverage?

The eligible relationships under the Extended Family Coverage are sibling, uncle or aunt, niece or nephew, grandparent, grandchild, cousin, step-parent and step-child.

Example of relationship:




Stepfather (same household)


Stepmother (same household)

Brother (Full/Half)

Stepchild (same household)

Sister (Full/Half)


Legal Guardian


Uncle (Parent’s Full Brother)

Cousin Brother

Aunty (Parent’s Full Sister)

Cousin Sister



1.Full siblings share the same biological mother and father.

2.Half siblings share only one biological parent.

3.Stepfather/mother must be in the same household as the children

What is the age limit with regards to the Insurable Interest and Extended Family Coverage?

The existing policy age limit shall apply to both the Life Assured and Assured/Proposer, i.e., ANB 17 and above for Traditional Products, and ANB 19 and above for Investment-Linked Products.

What are the basic plans that are eligible for the Extended Family Coverage?

All basic plans, including existing on-shelf plans and future plans are eligible.

Does underwriting applies for Extended Family coverage?

Existing medical underwriting shall apply (wherever possible). A maximum coverage of Basic Sum Assured of RM750,000 (per life limit), shall apply.

What are the documents required for Extended Family coverage application?

A simple & hassle-free Relationship Declaration Form will be required for new policyholders. For coverage of Sum Assured above RM100,000 (per lifetime limit), financial evidence will be required as proof of financial dependency.

What are examples financial dependency documents needed (for coverage of Sum Assured above RM100,000)?

Proof of financial dependance for maintenance/education can be bank statements, payment receipts, etc.


- Bank statement to show regular payments for maintenance

- Receipt of tertiary education tuition fee

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