PRUAccess Plus Services & How to Enroll

PRUAccess Plus offers a range of services that include policy viewing, premium payment, and much more. Learn about the services available with PRUAccess Plus and how to enroll in this program.
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How to enroll

Enroll with 3 simple steps.

Enrolment frequently asked questions

What is the First Login Code?

First Login code is a 6-digit code that is unique to each individual. This code is mandatory for registration.

What should I do if I did not receive the First Login code?

If you did not receive the First Login code, you can request for it to be resent with the following steps:

  1. Logon to

  2. Click on 'Registration'

  3. Enter your New NRIC No. or select Other Identity No.

  4. Go to 'Did not receive a First Login Code' and click on 'Click Here'

  5. Enter the 6-digit First Login code sent via SMS to your registered mobile number or email

  6. Proceed to complete the registration.

Will the First Login code expire?

No. The First Login code will not expire.

What if my mobile number is incorrect or has not been registered with Prudential?

If the mobile number is incorrect or not registered with Prudential, you will not be able to receive the First Login code to complete registration or perform any online transactions in PRUAccess Plus. You can update your mobile number with the following steps:

  1. Logon to

  2. Click on 'Registration'

  3. Go to 'Update Mobile Number' and click on 'Click Here'

  4. Enter your New NRIC No. or select Other Identity No.

  5. Answer security questions

  6. Enter your new mobile phone number

What services and information does PRUAccess Plus provide?
  • Policy details

  • Premium / Payment details

  • Claims details

  • Sales channel information

  • Product and Marketing information

  • Panel Hospital and Healthcare Centre Listing

  • Branches Address

  • Change personal security profile (password, security phrase and colour)

  • Online payment

  • Online updating of contact details

  • Online updating of bank account details

  • Online enrolment of credit / debit card

  • Download forms

  • Download policy document

  • Download statements

  • Download funds report

  • Download eMedical card

  • Download letters/documents

  • Download eReceipt

What type of policy information does PRUServices (formerly known as My Coverage) provide?

PRUServices provides you the following policy information:

  • Products Owned & Campaigns Enrolled (including digital plan purchased through Pulse)

  • Policy/Certificate/Reference Number

  • Person Covered (Main Life Assured) and Personal Details

  • Issued Date

  • Installment Premium and Payment Mode

  • Next Payment Due Date

  • Policy/Certificate Statuses

  • Riders Details and Statuses

  • Investment Fund Info for Investment Linked Plan (if applicable)

  • Servicing Agent Details

  • View and download Life Assurance Premium Statement of up to 3 years

  • View and download Change of Policy Details Slip

  • View and download ePolicy/eCertificate for PAMB policies issued from July 2016 onwards

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PRUAccess Plus FAQs

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Pulse by Prudential is our AI-powered health app that provides insights, tips and tools to help you stay healthy. Now with PRUServices (formerly known as My Coverage) on Pulse, you can check policy info, ePolicy, premium statements and change of policy details slips on the go. Stay tuned for more features to come!
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