PRUprestige - ParkCity Medical Centre



Complimentary privileges offered by Parkcity Medical Centre to PRUprestige membersMembers with a medical planMembers without a medical plan
R&B ≥ RM300R&B < RM300
Concierge services such as usher /
porter service and scheduling of appointments
Bedside admission i.e. customer will be admitted to the room without having to wait for guarantee letter* X
Bedside discharge i.e. customer will be discharged without having to wait for the final guarantee letter once the doctor has approved. This is only when the customer agrees to sign the undertaking letter* X
10% on ER services
10% discount for PRUprestige members and families on health screening
Discounted suite rooms X X
Auto upgrade to single executive rooms
(subject to availability)**
Benefit for PRUprestige members with medical plan of room and board RM300 and above when they get upgraded to a single executive room:
Wifi access** X X
Room comes with a fresh fruit basket and newspaper** X X


* Presentation of card required to attain privileges.
** Privileges will not be offered to self-pay / reimbursement option - only admission using medical card.


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