PRUprestige - Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur



Complimentary privileges offered by Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur to PRUprestige membersMembers with a medical planMembers without a medical plan
R&B ≥ RM400R&B ≥ RM300R&B < RM300
Valet parking at the hospital (subject to availability)
8am-5pm daily only
International lounge access X X
Dedicated admission counter X
10% discount on health screening
Auto-upgrade to luxury suite - Deluxe Single
(subject to availability)
Auto-upgrade to luxury suite - Premier Single
(subject to availability)
Benefit for PRUprestige members with medical plan of room and board RM300 and above when they get upgraded to a luxury suite:
Fresh fruit basket X X
Luxurious toiletries X X X
Wifi access X X



  1. Presentation of card required to attain privileges.
  2. Privileges will not be offered to self-pay / reimbursement option - only admission using medical card.


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