Your business has a life of its own.

Just as our needs evolve at different stages of our lives, so too does a business.  

At the start, you may require loans to finance your assets and inventory. As it grows, you may need working capital facilities for more acquisitions. And when it is successfully up and running, you may want to invest the profits earned or plan for succession.

PRUBiz Beyond supports your business throughout it all and more, with a range of customisable insurance solutions.

Speak to your Prudential Representative and find out the best solution that meets your business needs.

Business loans are inevitable when it comes to running a business. With PRUBiz Beyond, your business can use the insurance payout received to help repay your company’s business loans should something happen to you or any of your directors.


Without PRUBiz Beyond

Potential loss to the company

Business unable to repay loan

The guarantor may have to repay from personal assets

With PRUBiz Beyond

Facilitate repayment of outstanding loans

Reduce disruptions to your business finances

Protect your business as well as you and your directors

Business is all about the people who ensure the smooth operation of your company. With PRUBiz Beyond, you are safeguarded from the loss your business may suffer in the event of death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) of your key people.


Without PRUBiz Beyond

Sales and profits fall

Increased workload for remaining staff

Impact to your business

With PRUBiz Beyond

Lump sum payout

Ease of business cash flow

Relief of business burden

Building your business means looking out for the people who help built it too. With PRUBiz Beyond, you can name your directors and employees as individual policyholders so that their loved ones will receive the financial protection should the unexpected happen.


Without PRUBiz Beyond

Lack of loyalty

Lack of incentive to stay

With PRUBiz Beyond

Encourage employee retention

Attract new talent

Ensuring the continuous success of the business is one of the main priorities of a business owner like you. With PRUBiz Beyond, the insurance proceeds received can be used to buy out the affected director’s share, thus mitigating any undesirable disruptions, allowing you to resume business as usual.

Without PRUBiz Beyond

Might not be able to buy out affected director’s share

Risk of inexperienced or underqualified individual(s) inheriting the share

With PRUbiz beyond

Ability to buy out affected director’s share

Regain confidence of employees and customers

Securing and retaining top talents is challenging.  Next to salary, employee benefits coverage is recognized as an important tool in attracting and retaining key staff as these benefits help to improve the economic security of employees.  With PRUBiz Beyond, we are able to provide a customized solution catered to your business for your employees - coverage ranging from life protection, hospital & surgical, critical illness and personal accident-related benefits.

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