You can send an e-mail to, or call us at 03-2116 0228, and we will assign a representative to contact you.

No. Incorrect information should be struck out and the proposer MUST countersign on any amendment made in the proposal form.

Yes, you’re still classified as a smoker. Non-smoker refers to a client who has stopped smoking for the last 12 months or more

MYKAD for Malaysian adult or child’s birth certificate/ MYKID for those below 12 years old; passport for foreigners.

No. A local correspondence address is required.

Yes. All proposal forms must be submitted with the first premium so that the policy can commence immediately upon approval. In addition, there is provisional accident coverage for standard lives (terms and conditions apply).


* Please refer to Premium Payment for more details.

You may, within fifteen (15) days after delivery of your Policy Document, return the policy to the Company together with your cancellation request in writing. The policy shall be deemed returned only if it is received by the Company or posted to the Company by registered post within the fifteen-day (15) period.

Upon return of the policy, the Company shall refund the premiums paid in respect of this policy less any medical expenses incurred by the Company in relation to any medical examination of the Life Assured.

For an investment-linked type of policy, the Company shall refund the following:

  1. unallocated premiums,
  2. value of units that have been allocated (if any) at unit price at the next valuation date and
  3. any insurance charges and policy fees that have been deducted

less medical expenses which may have been incurred for the medical examination of the Life Insured.


* 15 days after delivery will be counted from the date the Policy Document was delivered.

The details provided to us must be truthful and accurate as the premium and terms of the policy will be based on the information you provide. If your age is inaccurate in the policy document, please call/write to us immediately for us to proceed with the necessary action.

Your policy may be subjected to re-underwriting and may result in changes to the policy term, benefits and premium.

Note: The above information merely serves as a guide. Please contact your servicing agent for more details.

We will give you 15 days from the date the Policy Document was delivered to you to decide whether you want to continue with it. If you do not wish to continue, you may cancel the policy by submitting  your request for cancellation together with the policy to us.

If your policy is an investment-linked type of policy, we can reflect any change in the market value of the assets which back the policy when we work out the amount we will return to you.

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