Hospital Alliance Services (HAS) is a value-added service to facilitate your medical insurance claims at no extra cost. Instead of submitting your claim and receiving your reimbursement later, HAS provides pre-authorisation* of medical-related claims incurred at any of our panel hospitals. In other words, your bills will be paid* directly to the hospital and you can focus on your recovery.

If you are a new Prudential medical policyholder, you are entitled to HAS at all times should you require hospitalisation due to:

  • Injuries caused by accidents
  • Non-accidental reasons (only from the 4th month of your policy cover date)

 *Subject to availability/approval.

A Quick Guide to HAS

A Quick Guide to Hospital Alliance Services (HAS) – a value added service by Prudential.

Part I - A Quick Guide to HAS

Part II - A Quick Guide to Hospital Admission

Part III - A Quick Guide to Hospital Discharge


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