You can easily request for Day Surgery with 4 steps:

  1. Set an appointment
  2. Meet your specialist
  3. Ask your doctor if a medical procedure can be done as a Day Surgery, where hospital stay is not necessary
  4. Confirm a date for the procedure
The decision to admit for daycare treatments will be on discretion of the corresponding specialist and coverage is subjected to terms stated in client’s own policy.

The recommended list of Day Surgery as below:

  1. Diagnostic Bronchoscopy with/without Biopsy
  2. Gastroscopy with/without Biopsy
  3. Colonoscopy with/without Biopsy
  4. Endoscopic Ultrasound  with/without Biopsy
  1. Excision of Breast Lump
  2. Excision Biopsy of Lump (All types)
  3. Excision of Sebaceous Cysts / Local Skin Lesions/Warts
  4. Excision Biopsy of Renal, Liver, Cervical, Lymph nodes, Lungs, Etc.
  5. Anal Fissure Dilatation or Excision
  6. Esophageal Dilatation
  7. Haemorrhoidectomy
  8. I & D of abscess
  9. Removal of ganglion / fibroma
  10. Diagnostic laparoscopic procedure
  1. Examination Under Anesthesia (EUA) for nose/ear/throat  with/without removal of foreign body
  2. Myringotomy and grommet insertion
  3. Oesophagoscopy/Laryngoscopy/microlaryngoscopy with/without biopsy
  4. Reduction of Nasal Fracture
  5. Excision of Nasal Polyps
  6. Drainage of Septal Hematoma
  7. Tonsillectomy (laser)
  8. Adenoidectomy (laser)
  1. Excision of Chalazion/ pterygium
  2. Vitrectomy
  3. Yag Iridotomy
  4. Extraction of Cataract / Phaco-Emulsification with IOL
  5. Correction of Squint (not related to congenital)
  6. Corrective surgery for Blepharoptosis  (not related to congenital /cosmetic)
  1. Cystoscopy Examination  with/without Biopsy
  2. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL)
  3. Removal of DJ Stent
  4. Urethral Dilatation
  5. Ureteroscopy (URS) with/without Biopsy 
  1. Arterial Venous Fistula (AVF)
  2. Invasive Coronary Angiography
  3. Endoveneous Laser Therapy (LA)/(GA)
  4. Stripping of Varicos Vein (LA)/(GA)
  1. Arthroscopy Examination with/without Therapeutic Procedures
  2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Release/ Decompression  (CTS) - Single/Bilateral
  3. Release Trigger Thumb
  4. Excision of Dupuytren’s Contracture
  5. Excision of Neuroma/ Ganglion / Giant Cell Tumour
  6. Bunion Operations
  7. Suture and Other Operations on Tendons and Tendon Sheath
  8. Nucleoplasty
  9. Tenotomy
  10. Insertion of K-wires
  11. Removal of Orthopedic Implants
  12. Intra-articular Injection (Day Care/ Clinic)
  1. Dilatation and Curettage /Hysteroscopy
  2. Examination Under Anesthesia with/without Biopsy
  3. Colposcopy with/without biopsy
  4. Cone Biopsy, Punch Biopsy
  5. Marsupialization / Excision of Bartholin's Gland
  1. Insertion of Chemoport / Hickman Line (Oncology)
  2. Chemoport Removal (Oncology)
  3. Brachytherapy/Radiotherapy (Oncology)
  4. Chemotherapy

NB: Please note that the procedures listed are PAMB’s recommendation only. The decision and necessity for any in-hospitalized management shall be at the discretion of the attending Doctor.

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