PRUMy Critical Care

Care of others starts with you

A comprehensive solution with PRUWith You as the basic plan. PRUMy Critical Care provides comprehensive critical illness protection to ensure that you get the treatment that you deserve and let you focus on recovery, so that your dreams stay protected and your loved ones’ lives are not compromised.

Under PRUMy Critical Care solution, Total Multi Crisis Care rider provides coverage from early to late stage critical illnesses and allows multiple claims up to 400% of the rider sum assured.


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Total Multi Crisis Care provides coverage from early to late stage critical illnesses, up to 160 conditions.


Total Multi Crisis Care provides comprehensive critical illness coverage that allows multiple claims up to 400% of rider sum assured, before the Policy Anniversary date of Life Assured’s age 85 next birthday*

*Rider will be terminated if the rider has paid more than 100% of rider sum assured at age 85 next birthday. If not, the rider will continue to cover up to 100% rider sum assured from age 85 next birthday onwards.


Total Multi Crisis Care also pays for subsequent Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke before age 85 next birthday, where total coverage for critical illness category of Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke is up to 200% of rider sum assured.


Total Multi Crisis Care provides additional 20% of the rider sum assured for Special Benefit coverage on Diabetic Related Conditions and Joint Related Conditions that will not reduce the rider sum assured.

Product Details

Payment Term

Premium is payable throughout the coverage term

Coverage Term

20 years; or until policy anniversary of age 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100 next birthday [ANB]

Issue Age

Pre-birth: After 14 weeks into pregnancy

Post-birth: 1 – 70 ANB

Minimum Sum Assured

RM10,000 and subject to the minimum sum assured multiple

Maximum Sum Assured

Subject to underwriting

  1. Death Benefit
  2. Total and Permanent Disability Benefit
  3. Maturity Benefit
  4. Goal Achievement Benefit
  5. Longevity Benefit

 Please refer here for details on coverage.



Minimum insurance premium for:

  • Children (prenatal to 18 ANB) is RM50 per month
  • Adults (19 ANB to 70 ANB) is RM100 per month
Riders that can be bought with this policy

Hospital & Surgical

Critical Illness


Payor Benefit


Pregnancy and Child Care Benefits


*PRUMedic Overseas can only be attached when PRUValue Med or PRUMillion Med is attached.

** These riders can only be attached when PRUSaver or PRUSaver Kid and respective payor basic are attached.

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PRUMy Critical Care

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PRUMy Critical Care is a comprehensive solution using PRUWith You as the basic plan. Attached with critical illness, medical, accidental and payor riders, it is a comprehensive insurance solution to meet your protection needs. With PRUSaver, this plan would then also function as a savings plan for your retirement fund.


PRUMy Critical Care package

  1. PRUWith You
  2. Total Multi Crisis Care
  3. PRUValue Med
  4. Acci Guard Plus
  5. Acci Income Plus
  6. Acci Med Plus
  7. Payor Basic

Riders attachable

Critical Illness Riders

Total Multi Crisis Care provides protection from early to late stage critical illnesses and allows multiple claims up to 400% of rider sum assured1. The illnesses listed below are covered under Total Multi Crisis Care.

Table of Critical Illness Categories


Critical Illness Category

Early Critical Illness

Critical Illness

Early Stage

Intermediate Stage

Late Stage



  • Brain Aneurysm Surgery
  • Cerebral Shunt Insertion
  • Carotid Artery Surgery
  • Stroke Treatment By Carotid Angioplasty And Stent Placement
  • Stroke - resulting in permanent neurological deficit with persisting clinical symptoms


Heart Attack

  • Cardiac Pacemaker Insertion
  • Pericardectomy
  • Cardiac Defibrillator Insertion
  • Heart attack - of specified severity



  • Carcinoma In-Situ
  • Early Prostate Cancer
  • Early Thyroid Cancer
  • Early Bladder Cancer
  • Early Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
  • Early Melanoma
  • Carcinoma In-Situ Of Specified Organs Treated With Radical Surgery 
  • Cancer - of specified severity and does not cover very early cancers


Kidney Failure

  • Surgical Removal Of One Kidney
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Kidney Failure - requiring dialysis or kidney transplant


Coronary Artery Disease

  • Mild Coronary Artery Disease
  • Moderate Coronary Artery Disease
  • Serious Coronary Artery Disease


Coronary Artery Surgery

  • Transmyocardial Laser Therapy
  • Minimally Invasive Direct Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (MIDCAB)
  • Coronary Artery By-Pass Surgery


Angioplasty And Other Invasive Treatments For Coronary Artery Disease



  • Angioplasty And Other Invasive Treatments For Coronary Artery Disease2


Liver Failure

  • Partial Hepatectomy
  • Liver Cirrhosis
  • End-Stage Liver Failure


Fulminant Viral Hepatitis

  • Biliary Tract Reconstruction Surgery
  • Chronic Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis
  • Fulminant Viral Hepatitis



  • Coma For 48 Hours
  • Coma For 72 Hours
  • Severe Epilepsy
  • Coma - resulting in permanent neurological deficit with persisting clinical symptoms


Benign Tumor

  • Surgical Excision Of A Spinal Meningioma
  • Surgical Removal Of Pituitary Tumor (By Transsphenoidal / Transnasal Hypophysectomy)
  • Pheochromocytoma
  • Surgical Removal Of Pituitary Tumor (By Open Craniotomy)
  • Benign Brain Tumor - of specified severity


Paralysis Of Limbs

  • Loss Of Use Of One Limb


  • Paralysis Of Limbs



  • Loss Of Sight In One Eye
  • Optic Nerve Atrophy
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa
  • Blindness - Permanent and Irreversible



  • Partial Loss Of Hearing
  • Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis Surgery
  • Cochlear Implant Surgery
  • Deafness - Permanent and Irreversible



  • Mild Severe Burns
  • Moderately Severe Burns
  • Third Degree Burns - of specified severity


Lung Disease

  • Severe Asthma With Status Asthmaticus
  • Surgical Removal Of One Lung
  • End-Stage Lung Disease



  • Viral Encephalitis With Full Recovery
  • Mild Viral Encephalitis
  • Encephalitis - resulting in permanent inability to perform Activities of Daily Living


Organ / Bone Marrow Transplant

  • Small Bowel Transplant
  • Corneal Transplant
  • Major Organ / Bone Marrow Transplant (On Waitlist)
  • Major Organ/Bone Marrow Transplant


Loss Of Speech

  • Tracheostomy
  • Loss Of Speech Due To Neurological Disease Or Injury
  • Loss Of Speech


Brain Surgery



  • Brain Surgery


Heart Valve Surgery

  • Percutaneous Or Minimally Invasive Valvuloplasty Or Valvotomy
  • Percutaneous Valve Replacement
  • Heart Valve Surgery


Bacterial Meningitis

  • Bacterial Meningitis With Full Recovery
  • Bacterial Meningitis With Reversible Neurological Deficit
  • Bacterial Meningitis - resulting in permanent inability to perform Activities of Daily Living


Head Trauma

  • Mild Head Trauma
  • Head Trauma Due To Accident Requiring Re-constructive Surgery
  • Cervical Spinal Cord Injury Due To Accident
  • Surgery For Subdural Haematoma Due To Accident
  • Head Trauma Due To Accident Requiring Open Craniotomy
  • Major Head Trauma - resulting in permanent inability to perform Activities of Daily Living


Aplastic Anemia

  • Reversible Aplastic Anemia
  • Myelodysplastic Syndrome Or Myelofibrosis
  • Chronic Aplastic Anemia - resulting in permanent Bone Marrow Failure


Motor Neuron Disease

  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Early Motor Neuron Disease
  • Motor Neuron Disease - permanent neurological deficit with persisting clinical symptoms


Parkinson's Disease

  • Early Parkinson’s Disease
  • Moderately Severe Parkinson’s Disease
  • Parkinson's Disease - resulting in permanent inability to perform Acitivities of Daily Living


Alzheimer’s Disease / Severe Dementia

  • Diagnosis Of Dementia Including Alzheimer's Disease
  • Moderately Severe Dementia Including Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Alzheimer’s Disease / Severe Dementia


Surgery To Aorta

  • Large Asymptomatic Aortic Aneurysm Or Aortic Dissection
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery To Aorta
  •  Surgery To Aorta


Multiple Sclerosis

  • Early Multiple Sclerosis
  • Guillain-Barre Syndrome
  •  Multiple Sclerosis


Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

  • Early Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
  • Secondary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
  • Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension - of specified severity


Medullary Cystic Disease

  • Chronic Glomerulonephritis


  • Medullary Cystic Disease



  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  • Constrictive Pericarditis With Surgery
  • Cardiomyopathy - of specified severity


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

  • Mild Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
  • Moderately Severe Systemic Lupus Erythematosus With Lupus Nephritis
  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus With Severe Kidney Complications


Muscular Dystrophy

  • Spinal Cord Disease Or Injury Resulting In Bowel And Bladder Dysfunction
  • Moderately Severe Muscular Dystrophy
  • Muscular Dystrophy




  • Moderate Poliomyelitis
  •  Poliomyelitis



  • Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis
  • Moderately Chronic Relapsing Pancreatitis
  • Chronic Relapsing Pancreatitis


Progressive Scleroderma

  • Early Progressive Scleroderma
  • Progressive Scleroderma With CREST Syndrome
  • Progressive Scleroderma


HIV, AIDS / Hepatitis B Or C Infection

  • HIV Infection Due To Assault
  • Occupationally Acquired Hepatitis B Or C



  • HIV Infection Due To Organ Transplant
  • HIV Infection Due To Blood Transfusion
  • Occupationally Acquired Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection
  •  Full-Blown AIDS


Apallic Syndrome

  • Akinetic Mutism
  • Locked In Syndrome
  •  Apallic Syndrome


Loss Of Independent Existence

  • Loss Of Fingers
  • Loss Of Independent Existence (Intermediate Stage)
  • Loss Of Independent Existence


Terminal Illness



  • Terminal Illness


Eisenmenger's Syndrome

  • Less Severe Eisenmenger's Syndrome


  • Severe Eisenmenger's Syndrome


Infective Endocarditis


  • Moderately Severe Infective Endocarditis


  • Infective Endocarditis


Myasthenia Gravis


  • Less Severe Myasthenia Gravis


  • Myasthenia Gravis


Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

  • Early Progressive Supranuclear Palsy



  • Progressive Supranuclear Palsy


Chronic Autoimmune Hepatitis

  • Early Chronic Autoimmune Hepatitis


  • Chronic Autoimmune Hepatitis


Adrenal Gland Disorder

  • Adrenalectomy For Adrenal Adenoma


  • Chronic Adrenal Insufficiency


Osteogenesis Imperfecta

  • Severe Osteoporosis With Fractures


  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta


Meningeal Tuberculosis

  • Tuberculous Myelitis


  • Meningeal Tuberculosis


Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • Chronic Crohn's Disease
  • Chronic Ulcerative Colitis


  • Crohn's Disease With Intestinal Fistula, Obstruction Or Perforation
  • Ulcerative Colitis With Total Colectomy



In addition, Special Benefit3 is payable once per lifetime from any 1 of the covered conditions below:

Special Benefit

Diabetic Related Conditions

Joint Related Conditions


Surgery For Type 2 Diabetic Retinopathy


Total Knee Replacement


Limb Amputation Due To Type 2 Diabetic Complications


Total Hip Replacement


Diabetic Nephropathy Resulting In Kidney Failure


Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis


1Terms and conditions apply. The rider will be terminated if the rider has paid more than 100% of rider sum assured at age 85 next birthday. If not, the rider will continue to cover up to 100% rider sum assured from age 85 next birthday onwards.

2For Angioplasty and Other Invasive Treatments for Coronary Artery Disease, only 10% of the Rider Sum Assured or RM25,000.00, whichever is lesser, is payable.

3No Special Benefit payable once Total Multi Crisis Care is terminated. Special Benefit will not reduce the rider sum assured.


Medical Riders

We provide medical plan that suits your unique needs – with medical coverage that safeguard you from rising medical costs in the years to come.

To extend your medical safety net overseas, you can attach PRUMedic Overseas which enables access to treatment in Singapore, Hong Kong or China for 5 covered illnesses.


Table of Benefits


PRUValue Med

Coinsurance3, Med Saver2 or Deductible2

  • Med Saver RM300
  • Deductible RM20,000
  • Deductible RM50,000
  • Deductible RM75,000
  • Deductible RM100,000
  • Without Med Saver / Deductible

Room & Board Benefits

a. Hospital Daily Room & Board (R&B)


RM100, RM200, RM300, RM400, RM500 or RM600 per day

Up to 150 days per year

Hospital & Surgical Benefits

b. Intensive Care Unit

As charged1

Up to 90 days per year

c. In-hospital & Related Services

  • Surgical Fees
  • Hospital Supplies and Services
  • Operating Theatre Fees
  • Anaesthetist Fees
  • In-Hospital Specialist’s Visit

As charged1

d. Organ/Bone Marrow Transplant Benefit

As charged1 (under surgical fees)

Outpatient Treatment Benefits

e. Pre-hospitalisation Treatment

As Charged1

Within 60 days before hospitalisation

f. Post-hospitalisation Treatment

As Charged1

Within 90 days after hospital discharge

g. Day Surgery

As Charged1

(includes Day Care Procedure)

h. Home Nursing Care

Up to 180 days per lifetime

As charged1

i. Outpatient Cancer Treatment

j. Outpatient Kidney Dialysis

As charged1

Up to 1.5 times of the initial Med Value Point per lifetime

(including take-home drugs, examination tests & consultation)

k. Outpatient Physiotherapy Treatment Benefit

Within 90 days after hospital discharge

As charged1 (under post-hospitalisation treatment)


l. Outpatient Dengue Fever Treatment Benefit


Other Benefits

m. Maternity Complications Benefit for female Life Assured only

Up to RM5,000 per year

n. Intraocular Lens

Up to RM6,000 per lifetime

o. Emergency Treatment For Accidental Injury

Up to 10 times of Hospital Daily R&B amount per year

Annual Limit

No Annual and Lifetime Limit, subject to Med Value Point of RM1 million, RM1.5 million or RM2 million.

If the total claims paid exceed the chosen Med Value Point plus any accumulated MVP bonus, we will pay 80% of the excess eligible benefit cost.

Lifetime Limit

Med Value Point Bonus

Med Value Point increases at 2% of the initial Med Value Point at the end of every 2 policy years provided no claim has been incurred during the 2 policy years.

Applicable to plans with Hospital Daily Room & Board of RM300 and above.

Annual No Claims Bonus


Emergency Medical Assistance4


Expert Medical Opinion4,5



1We shall only reimburse Reasonable and Customary charges on eligible expenses which are deemed Medically Necessary.

2If you choose a medical rider with Med Saver, you must first pay a fixed amount equivalent to the Med Saver selected out of the total Reasonable and Customary Charges of eligible benefits, which are Hospital & Surgical Benefits, Outpatient Treatment Benefits, Maternity Complications Benefits and Emergency Treatment For Accidental Injury (excluding the cost of Hospital Daily Room & Board and Intraocular Lens) for any one disability. Otherwise, if Deductible is chosen, you must first pay a fixed amount equivalent to the Deductible selected out of the total Reasonable and Customary Charges of accumulated eligible benefits, which are Hospital Daily Room & Board, Hospital & Surgical Benefits, Outpatient Treatment Benefits and Other Benefits within an annexure year. If Med Saver and Deductible are not chosen, the fixed amount shall not apply.

3If you choose a medical rider with coinsurance, you must pay 10% of the cost of an eligible benefit, subject to a minimum coinsurance amount of RM300 and a maximum coinsurance amount of RM1,000 for Hospital & Surgical Benefit, and a maximum coinsurance amount of RM2,000 for the Outpatient Treatment Benefit. The remaining balance is paid by us up to the annual limit or lifetime limit (if applicable).

4Emergency Medical Assistance and Expert Medical Opinion are services provided from third party providers which are non-contractual in nature and do not form part of the policy. We have the right to terminate this service by giving a 90 days written notice.

5Expert Medical Opinion is a value added service that provides second medical opinion from medical experts in various areas of specialization. This service is to assist you to learn more about your medical conditions and make an informed decision on the treatment plans.


Accidental Riders

Obtain accidental coverage with Acci Guard PlusAcci Med Plus, and Acci Income Plus which provide lump sum benefits, medical reimbursement and income respectively for disabilities due to accidental causes.


Payor Riders

Concerned about your policy when the unspeakable happens? Our Payor riders will pay for your plan in the event of death (if applicable), TPD¹, or Critical Illness2 of yourself or your covered family members. This will be made possible using our PayorParent Payor2Parent Payor, and Spouse Payor riders.

If more than one Payor rider trigger at once, not only will the premiums of the policy be borne by Prudential, but an amount equal to the Rider Sum Assured of the subsequent payor rider(s) will be allocated into the policy’s Account Value with 100% allocation, allowing for more funds for the policy owner.

1TPD coverage is available prior to the Policy Anniversary Date of age 70 next birthday or expiry of the policy whichever is earlier.
2Angioplasty and Other Invasive Treatments for Coronary Artery Disease are not covered under Payor Riders


Savings/Investment Riders

Cultivate the habit of saving and investing regularly with PRUSaver or PRUSaver Kid rider, improving your money’s worth with potentially higher returns and increased cash value1.

1The returns are not guaranteed.



For further details and the full list of benefits regarding the basic plan and these riders, please refer to the Sales Illustration and Policy Document.

  1. What is PRUWith You?

    PRUWith You is a regular premium investment-linked insurance plan which pays the Basic Sum Assured upon the diagnosis of Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) before the Policy Anniversary Date of ANB 70 or death of the Life Assured, whichever occurs first. The policy also provides Longevity Benefit equivalent to the Basic Sum Assured which shall be payable on the Policy Anniversary date of Life Assured’s ANB 100.
    Being a basic plan, different riders (as stated in the table under product features) are attachable to be tailored to meet individual financial and protection needs.

  2. Who can take up this package?

    PRUMy Critical Care is available to anyone between 14 weeks into pregnancy and 70 years old.

  3. How much premium do I have to pay?

    The total premium that you have to pay and the policy terms may vary depending on our underwriting requirements. The premiums are payable throughout the duration of the plan up to its maturity. Premiums can be paid yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly via Auto Debit, Credit/Debit Card, or Cash/Cheque.

    Please refer here for details on cost of insurance for the medical riders, critical illness riders and payor riders.

    Note: The insurance charge for basic benefits is guaranteed, whereas the insurance charges for the riders are not guaranteed and may be varied from time to time by giving you 3 months’ notice except for medical and critical illness benefit where 30 days’ notice will be provided.

  4. How will my regular premiums be invested?

    We will allocate a portion of the premium to purchase units in the investment-linked fund(s). Any unallocated amount will be used to pay commissions to agent/wealth planner and other expenses by us. You are advised to refer to the allocation rates given in the Sales Illustration.

    Through our PRUlink and PRUlink global funds that can cater to the financial risk appetite of a wide range of customers, you can have your premium invested in both local and even global markets. This way, you would have control not only over the amount of risk you are exposing your investments to but can also widen your investment scope internationally.

  5. What are the waiting periods that I should be aware of?

    The eligibility for the benefits under the policy will start only after the waiting periods below from the effective date of the policy. Where Life Assureds of PRUWith You are unborn children, a waiting period of 30 days from birth will be applicable for the death and TPD coverage. Otherwise, there is no waiting period for the death and TPD coverage under PRUWith You.



    Waiting Period

    Critical Illness & Payor Benefit

    Heart attack, coronary artery bypass surgery, serious coronary artery disease, angioplasty and other invasive treatments for coronary artery disease and cancer

    60 days

    All covered Early Critical Illness, and all covered Diabetic Related Conditions and Joint Related Conditions under Special Benefit (if applicable)

    All other covered illnesses

    30 days

    Medical Benefit

    Specified covered illnesses         

    120 days

    All other covered illnesses

    30 days

    Maternity Complications

    365 days

    Hospitalisation due to accidents

    No waiting period

    The waiting periods for other riders are detailed in the Product Disclosure Sheet and Sales Illustration.

    Waiting period between claims for Total Multi Crisis Care and Multi Crisis Care.

  6. What are the exclusions of PRUMy Critical Care

    Please click on the product/riders for the exclusion list:

    PRUWith You

    Total Multi Crisis Care

    PRUValue Med

    Acci Guard Plus

    Acci Med Plus

    Acci Income Plus

    Payor Basic
  • This content contains only a brief description of the product and is not exhaustive. You are advised to refer to Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB)’s Product Disclosure Sheet, Sales Illustration, and the consumer education booklet on Life Insurance, Investment-Linked Insurance, Child Education Plan, and Medical and Health Insurance before purchasing the plan, and to refer to the terms and conditions in the policy document for details of the important features of the plan.
  • Please note that the package here consists of components that can be bought separately and you are not obligated to select all components of this package.
  • You should satisfy yourself that this product will best serve your needs. You should also satisfy yourself that the premium payable under the policy is an amount that you can afford. To achieve this, we recommend that you speak to your agent or Wealth Planner who will perform a needs analysis and assist you in making an informed decision. You may also contact the insurance company directly for more information.
  • The insurance charge for basic benefits is guaranteed, whereas other charges and the insurance charges for the riders are not guaranteed and may be varied from time to time by giving 3 months’ notice to policy owners (except for medical and critical illness benefit where 30 days’ notice will be provided). If we increase the insurance charge rates, you may need to pay an additional premium or top-ups. Premiums for this plan are payable throughout the entire term of this policy.
  • If you cancel the policy in the early years, you may not be able to obtain the full value from the amount you have paid to us. When you surrender the policy, all benefits in the policy will be terminated.
  • Details of the fees and charges charged for providing the insurance coverage and its optional riders are detailed in the Product Disclosure Sheet and Sales Illustration.
  • There is a free-look period of 15 days after the delivery of your policy to allow you to review it if it meets your needs. If the policy is cancelled within this period, we will refund you the value of units (at the next pricing date) plus the premiums that are not invested, insurance charges, policy fees and taxes (if any) that we have deducted, less medical expenses that we may have already paid or agreed to pay.
  • It is important that any receipt that you receive should be kept as proof of payment of premiums.
  • PRUWith You and its attachable riders are not Shariah-compliant products.
  • Non-payment of premiums may cause this policy to lapse. Should you stop paying premiums, the policy may continue for as long as there are sufficient units in the respective accounts and will lapse when the value of investment units is insufficient to pay for the insurance and other charges.
  • For more information on the funds, please refer to their respective Fund Fact Sheet available on our website at You may also track the performance of your funds by checking the unit prices published daily on our website.
  • If you switch your current medical plan with another or from one provider to another, you may be subject to new underwriting requirements and waiting periods for the new plan.
  • You must inform us of any change in your occupation, avocation or sports activities because it may affect the premiums, terms, conditions and benefits.
  • Any age reference shall be on the basis of Age Next Birthday.
  • PAMB is an insurance company licensed under the Financial Services Act 2013 and is regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia.



Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad
Member of PIDM

Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) is a member of Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM). As a member of PIDM, some of the benefits insured under the insurance policies offered by PAMB are protected against loss of part or all of insurance benefits by PIDM, in the unlikely event of an insurer member failure. For further details of the protection limits and the scope of coverage, please obtain a PIDM information brochure from PAMB or visit PIDM website ( or call PIDM toll-free line (1-800-88-1266).



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