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PRUMillion Med
PRUValue Med

Premium is payable throughout the coverage term

PRUSenior Med

Premium is payable throughout the coverage term

PRUMillion Med
PRUValue Med

Up to age 100ANB (The coverage term of PRUValue Med will follow the basic plan)

PRUSenior Med

Up to age 80 (Age Next Birthday)

PRUMillion Med
PRUValue Med

Prenatal: After 14 weeks into pregnancy*

Post-birth: 1-70ANB

 *PRUValue Med can be purchased at pre-natal stage (14 weeks into pregnancy), however, this plan’s coverage starts only after completion of waiting period applicable from the actual date of birth of the child.



PRUSenior Med

45 – 70 years old (Age Next Birthday)

PRUMillion Med
PRUValue Med
 Benefits  Benefit Amount
 Room & Board Benefits
 a) Hospital Daily Room & Board (R&B) (up to 150 days per year)  Flexible option between RM100 and RM600 per day (Increments in multiples of RM100 per day)
 Hospital & Surgical Benefits
 b) Intensive Care Unit / Cardiac Care Unit (up to 90 days per year)  As Charged 1
 c) In-hospital & Related Services
  • Surgical Benefit
  • Hospital Supplies and Services
  • Operating Theatre
  • Anaesthetist Fees
  • In-Hospital Specialist’s Visit (limit to 2 visits per day)
 As Charged 1
 Outpatient Treatment Benefits
 d) Pre-hospitalisation Treatment (within 60 days before hospitalisation)
 e) Post-hospitalisation Treatment (within 90 days after hospital discharge)
 f) Home Nursing Care (up to 180 days per lifetime)
 g) Day Surgery
 h) Day Care Procedure
 As Charged 1
 i) Outpatient Cancer Treatment
 j) Outpatient Kidney Dialysis
 As Charged 1
Up to 1.5 times of the initial Med Value Point per lifetime (including take home drugs, examination tests & consultation)
 k) Maternity Complications Benefit (for female life assured only)  Up to RM5,000 per year
 l) Intraocular Lens  Up to RM6,000 per lifetime
 m) Emergency Treatment For Accidental Injury  Up to 10 times of Hospital Daily R&B amount per year
 Med Saver or Deductible 2

 Yes or No.

If Yes, flexible option:

Med Saver RM300,

Deductible RM20,000,

Deductible RM50,000,

Deductible RM75,000 or

Deductible RM100,000.

 Med Value Point

Flexible option:

RM1 million,

RM1.5 million or

RM2 million

 Med Value Point Bonus  Med Value Point increases at 2% of the initial Med Value Point at the end of every 2 years, provided no claim has been incurred during the 2 years.

 Applicable to plans with Hospital Daily Room & Board of RM300 and above.
 Emergency Medical Assistance 3  Yes
 Expert Medical Opinion 3, 4  Yes


  1. 1 We shall only reimburse Reasonable and Customary Charges on eligible expenses which are deemed Medically Necessary.

  2. 2 If Med Saver is chosen, policyholder must first pay a fixed amount equivalent to Med Saver selected out of the total Reasonable and Customary Charges of eligible benefits, which are Hospital & Surgical Benefits, Outpatient Treatment Benefits, Maternity Complications Benefit and Emergency Treatment For Accidental Injury (excluding the cost of Hospital Daily Room & Board and Intraocular Lens) for any one disability.

  3. Otherwise, if Deductible is chosen, you must first pay a fixed amount equivalent to the Deductible selected out of the total Reasonable and Customary Charges of accumulated eligible benefits, which are Hospital Daily Room & Board, Hospital Outpatient Treatment Benefits and Other Benefits within an annexure year. If Med Saver or Deductible are not chosen, the fixed amount shall not apply.

  4. 3 Emergency Medical Assistance and Expert Medical Opinion are services provided from third party providers which are non-contractual in nature and do not form part of the policy. We have the right to terminate this service by giving a 90 days written notice.

  5. 4 Expert Medical Opinion is a value added service that provides second medical opinion from medical experts in various areas of specialization.This service is to assist you to learn more about your medical conditions and make an informed decision on the treatment plans.

    For Overseas Treatment, if the Life Assured chooses to have or is referred to be treated outside Malaysia, the benefits for the treatment are limited to the Reasonable and Customary and Medically Necessary charges for equivalent local treatment in Malaysia and subject to 90 days residence limit.

Please refer to PRUMy Medical Plus or PRUMy Child Plus pages for further details such as full list of benefits, exclusions, waiting period and other terms and conditions.

Note: PRUMy Medical Plus and PRUMy Child Plus are packages offered using PRUWith You as the basic plan and has PRUValue Med as one of the medical riders that are selected for attachment.

PRUSenior Med
  1. Death Benefit
  2. Medical Care Benefits

Please refer to brochure for details on coverage

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