There is no way to UNSUAY from the threat of cancer.

We wanted to demonstrate how easily we place our lives in the hands of superstition. So, we created UNSUAY, a fake brand with so-called products that rid the risk of cancer.

But now, let’s get real. A slap on the mouth does not stop the threat of cancer. Take proper action, and get coverage against cancer with PRUcancer X.

Superstition Can't Cover You.
But we can. Here's what you can expect with us: 


Up to RM2 Million coverage.

Should the unfortunate happen, you'll receive a lump sum benefit to cope with the expenses on your road to recovery.


Easy and simple.

We make the enrolment process simple with questions that are specific to cancer risk only.


Pocket-friendly premiums.

With premiums as low as RM400 annually, you'll enjoy peace of mind without breaking the bank.

For more reasons to sign up for PRUcancer X, download a brochure here:

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