Race for the Honeymoon of a Lifetime

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 December 2016 – Couples who make it through to the marriage line know the value of cooperation and taking good care of one another, as demonstrated by the 50 couples who participated in Prudential’s Wedding Dash on Sunday, held at Publika shopping gallery. Organized by Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) to complement its latest protection plan for couples PRUlife partner, the fastest couple to complete the challenges won the Grand Prize of a honeymoon worth RM20,000. The first and second runners up walked away with a holiday package worth RM8,000 and RM3,000 respectively.

“We at Prudential recognize that the foundation of a good and strong relationship is financial stability and security. That is what drove us to introduce PRUlife partner, to give Malaysian couples a strong financial start to their lives together. We hope that the couples who participated in today’s Prudential Wedding Dash had fun and more importantly, remember that making decisions together as a team makes for a healthier and stronger relationship.” said Khoo Ai Lin, Chief Marketing Officer of PAMB.

The participants were tested on their communication skills and team spirit, as they braved through six physical challenges through well-known corners in the mall, such as a make-up challenge at Face Plus by Yamano, a couple quiz held at Pastel restaurant, a brain challenge at Brainy House, baby nappy changing at the Social restaurant, couple yoga, and a domestic chore challenge which entailed ironing and folding clothes neatly together.

The first couple that crossed the finishing line took home with them the Grand Prize of a honeymoon worth RM20,000. Angeline Ng Geok Kee, 32 & Ho Wai Keen, 34, who have been married for 4 years with two sons, expressed their excitement as they did not expect to finish first.

“We focused on what we needed to accomplish and kept encouraging each other. That is pretty much fundamental to everything that we do in life. We make our decisions together from our children, our careers and financial matters. We find that encouraging each other is so important; like in the brain challenge, when one of us feels close to giving up on a difficult task, the other would say ‘Why don’t we try it this way instead?’ and that is how we keep going.” Ng and Ho said.

The couple also bagged the Best Dressed Couple and Most Favourite Couple with their homemade costume with lit fairy lights - Ho dressed up as a plug, and Ng as a socket with a lit up heart-shaped hairband. “The concept is that I light up his life, and he lights up my heart!” Ng smiled.

2nd prize went to Lee Leong Wai and Betty Liew who won a holiday package worth RM8,000 and are planning their dream trip to Japan. “We consider ourselves as an adventurous couple and enjoy doing to a lot of things together such as martial arts and bungee jumping. After our dream trip, we are planning to go for skydiving.” said Liew.

The 3rd couple to cross the finishing line took home a holiday package worth RM3,000. 26-year-old Kor Hong Wen and Chua Xin Yun will be officiated as husband and wife a week after the Prudential Wedding Dash. They believe that collaboration and working together as a team contributed to their achievement.

Fly FM’s broadcaster Zher Peen and media personality Alvin Anthons were at the heart of the action as the pair provided enlivening commentary to energize the crowd at the Square in Publika. The pair challenged spectators through stimulating on-stage games such as a mystery box challenge and scavenger hunt to win prizes, courtesy of PAMB.

Winners List

Position Names Time

Angeline Ng Geok Kee, 32

Ho Wai Keen, 34


Betty Liew, 35

Lee Leong Wai, 27


Chua Xin Yun, 26

Kor Hong Wen, 26

Best Dressed Couple

Angeline Ng Geok Kee, 32

Ho Wai Keen, 34

Most Favourite Couple

Angeline Ng Geok Kee, 32

Ho Wai Keen, 34

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