Making A Sustainable and Meaningful Change to Sarawakians

KUCHING, 2 SEPTEMBER 2016 – Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) met with the Sarawak state government yesterday with an objective to collaborate in bringing PAMB’s community investment (CI) programmes to Sarawak. PAMB’s community investment programs which aim at building financial resilience by providing financial protection and education for urban low income families in Malaysia, is an extension of the insurer’s commitment to improving the lives of Malaysians through sustainable efforts.

Gan Leong Hin, Chief Executive Officer of PAMB said “As a responsible insurer that aims to provide financial freedom and peace of mind for all Malaysians, we believe basic financial literacy and financial protection are the keys to a brighter future. That is why we have focused our efforts on these areas to make a positive contribution and achieve a meaningful impact on society. We are deeply appreciative of the receptivity and positive support that the Sarawak state government has provided when we introduced our community investment programmes to them”.

Yang Berhormat, Datuk Amar Douglas Unggah Embas Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Modernisation of Agriculture & Rural Community, Sarawak, welcomed PAMB’s mission to touch the lives of the low-income communities, “I am delighted that Prudential is focusing on making a difference to Sarawakians by drawing on its expertise in financial protection and planning. I believe that they will really make a positive contribution and big impact to the community through its initiatives. I urge more organisations in the private sector to follow in the footsteps of Prudential in working together with the government to bring impactful changes to the community”.

The core focuses of PAMB’s CI efforts are on financial protection for the urban low income households with PRUkasih, and financial education in the four basic financial management concepts of Earn, Save, Spend and Donate.

PRUkasih provides temporary financial relief to urban low-income households to help them cope with a sudden loss of income due to illness, accident or death. A hand-up approach, the aim of PRUkasih is to help affected families get back on their feet by providing a financial safety net. PRUkasih currently covers 9 communities by providing access to 11,894 families. PAMB targets to reach out to 21,000 families by end of 2016.

PAMB’s financial education programmes aim to nurture financial management at an early age by teaching students how to make wise life-changing financial decisions. The interactive programmes include the award winning Cha-Ching program for primary school children, Duit Right for secondary children and Celik Kewangan for adults. Since its launch in 2014, PAMB has reached out to 12,810 individuals, and aims to reach out to 18,000 children by end of 2016.

Gan added, “In 2014, we announced our commitment of RM50 million towards our five year ambition of providing protection to 50,000 households and reaching out to 50,000 children with our financial education programmes. With the support of the Sawarak state government, we are very excited to reach out nationwide by bringing our CI programmes to Sarawak”.


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