Beware of Fake Investment Promotions on WhatsApp

14 July 2018

Eastspring Investments Berhad (“EIB”) and Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (“PAMB”) would like to warn the public of a fake investment promotion circulating via Whatsapp.

Written in Chinese, the message purports that Eastspring Investments is distributing insurance investment plans through the public and allow them to make quick money as well as earn commission by referring the schemes to others.

EIB and PAMB can confirm that they have neither issued such notice nor outsourced distribution of their products to the public. This message is a hoax to lure unsuspecting investors into a fake investment scheme.

Unit trust and investment linked funds are mid to long-term investments and are subject to market risks.  Investors would not be able to withdraw more than their initial capital investments in a mere few days.

We would like to advise recipients of that message to ignore it and refrain from forwarding it onwards.

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