Doctor2U FAQ

Doctor2U is a company providing mobile medical examination services to PAMB’s eligible prospects/customers who are requested to do new business medical examination.


Doctor2U will arrange for the doctor to come to the prospects/customers’ preferred location and carry out the medical examination.

  • PRUprestige members
  • Prospects/customers whose Total Annual Regular Premium (based on Assured in the proposal) equals or exceeds RM25,000. The eligibility will be stated in the New Business Requirement Form.
  • Prospects/customers whose Total Single Premium (based on Assured in the proposal) equals or exceeds RM250,000. The eligibility will be stated in the New Business Requirement

For PRUprestige member, this service is available automatically to them.


For non PRUprestige member, there will be a confirmation on the eligibility of your prospect/customer in the New Business Requirement Form.

Please refer to the New Business Requirement Form for the following statement:

“Person(s) proposed above is/are entitled for the mobile service, Doctor2U Medical Examination. Please register online and upload this letter on Your validation code is HNW<proposal number> e.g. HNW12345678. Services available are limited to medical examination, blood test, urine test and resting ECG only.

The medical examination can be done at prospect/customer’s preferred location. We advise for the examination to be done at the client’s home as this is the most private and comfortable setting for the prospect/customer.

The Mobile Medical Examination service is available from Mondays to Sundays including Public Holidays, between 8.00am to 8.00pm.

Doctor2U service is available nationwide. However, the service may be limited in rural areas/locales due to the number of doctors in those areas. Doctor2U support team will inform client in the event that a doctor is not available at the requested date & time.

You can make an appointment at least 48 hours prior to the appointment time.

The appointment can be made online via by filling in the registration form. Doctor2U will contact agent/prospect/customer within 24 hours for the confirmation of the appointment.

The following information will be required in the online registration form:

  • Name, NRlC/Passport number, Mobile telephone number and Email address of the Person Proposed
  • PRUprestige member lD or Validation Code (from the New Business Requirement Form)
  • Agent’s Name , Mobile number and Email address
  • Contact Person − Person Proposed or Agent
  • Appointment Date and Time
  • Gender Preference for Doctor
  • Location of Examination
  • Upload New Business Requirement Letter
  • Any special request for Doctor2U to arrange additional test at the nearest BP Diagnostic/Specialist Centre
  • Additional Remarks, if any

The services provided are medical examination, blood/urine collection and resting ECG only.

Doctor2U can assist in arranging appointments for other medical tests at the nearest BP Diagnostic/Specialist Centre. You can make the request in the online registration form and the Doctor2U support team will contact you for confirmation. Our prospects and customers can continue to choose to complete their new business medical examinations at our existing panel clinics/hospitals.

Yes. He/she has the option of choosing the gender of the physician who will be conducting the examination.

We advise the prospect/customer to have a relative/trusted company present during the medical examination if the gender of the examining physician is different from the client’s.

No. However, please ensure that the prospect/customer has the New Business Requirement Form, Blood test Profile & Consent form (if blood test is required) during the medical examination.

No. Doctor2U will send the medical report directly to PAMB office.

lt is a cashless transaction & PAMB will make payment directly to Doctor2U.

Yes. You can cancel/reschedule the appointment no less than three (3) hours prior to the appointment time.

A fee of RM 100.00 will be imposed for any cancellation made less than three (3) hours of the appointment time. We encourage any cancellation or rescheduling to be done ahead of time to avoid any unnecessary cost, or inconvenience to the doctor.

The fee will be charged to the agent.

Please email the Doctor2U support team at or call/sms them at 012−5251530 from Monday to Sunday including Public Holidays, 8am−8pm.

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