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Prudential Community Investment (CI) programmes embody the long-term and heartfelt commitment of Prudential’s people to provide innovative, focused and practical support to local communities, working hand-in-hand with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), as well as local and national government agencies. In alignment with Prudence Foundation’s focus, we seek to make a lasting contribution in three key areas: Financial Protection, Financial Education, and Disaster Preparedness & Recovery.

Our Brief History


Prudential’s Community Investment (CI) initiative began with the birth of PRUkasih back in 2011. PRUkasih is a pilot project created to provide financial protection to low-income household communities.

In 2013, Prudential formally established a Corporate Responsibility department dedicated to developing and driving CI initiatives in Malaysia.  The PRUkasih pilot grew to cover a second community.  In response to it’s social relevance and success, RM50 million was granted to expand the PRUkasih programme over the next five years. 

In December of 2013 also, devastating floods in Malaysia prompted Prudential to look at ways to support disaster preparedness and recovery in conjunction with the regional development of an advocacy programme.  We were part of the programme by supporting Mercy Malaysia’s mobile clinic in flood affected areas.

In March 2014, Prudential officially announced it’s CI flagship programmes and continued it’s commitment towards PRUkasih, and introduced a new element i.e. financial education. Cha-Ching Live In Malaysia, a school-based financial education programme for primary school children, was created based on the regional content developed by Prudence Foundation. In its first year, Cha-Ching Live In Malaysia impacted 1,095 children.  The Duit Right financial education programme for secondary school students was birthed and piloted the same year. For disaster preparedness, the regional Safe Steps Natural Disaster programme was launched.

Throughout 2015, PRUkasih expanded with additional distributors and communities, while the financial education programmes grew rapidly with the introduction of Karnival Cha-Ching to impact larger groups of children.  A financial education programme for adults was also piloted. When severe flooding hit Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu, Prudential once again supplied relief, as well as partnered with social enterprise organisation EPIC Home to build 14 homes in Kelantan post-flood areas.

In 2016,  with efforts to expand financial education even further, the Cha-Ching Curriculum was developed and piloted in 10 schools. PRUkasih also expanded with the advent of the community volunteer model, allowing it to move out of Selangor and reach communities that lack NGO presence. The Safe Steps Road Safety module was introduced through school and media activations.  For disaster recovery, Prudential shifted to providing relief items directly to Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) for effective distribution post-floods.

Strategy Framework


As we look to the future of Prudential CI, the strategy framework has been created in order to drive meaningful and lasting impact.

A key theme for moving forward is focusing more on going deeper, providing sustainable engagement in schools and communities, especially on measuring the impact of all our programmes.

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Our Community Investment’s programmes are aligned to the objectives of the highlighted United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

For more information please visit https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/

Our Programmes



PRUkasih is a sponsored financial protection plan to support the Government’s initiatives in improving the lives of the urban low-income households (LIHs)  in Malaysia.

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Our award-winning financial literacy and responsibility programme that instills sound financial habits and promotes financial responsibility in children.

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Duit Right

Duit Right was uniquely designed for secondary school students with the aim of empowering them to make positive financial decisions.

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Safe Steps

Our multi-platform mass awareness programme that provides vital lifesaving tips on natural disasters, road safety and first aid.

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Volunteerism is a key part of the Prudential Community Investment philosophy. Through internal campaigns, we actively engage Prudential employees and agents to volunteer at our programmes.

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