Medical Plans That Grow With You

Medical Plans That Grow With You

Flex Your Confidence With Our Medical Plans Today

Growing Coverage As You Age

As a brand that constantly seeks to Listen, Understand, and Deliver, we want to flex the confidence of every Malaysian with high medical coverage that automatically increases every year as you age, up to RM15 mil, to better protect you from inflation, rising medical costs, and long recovery time from Serious Conditions.

Download our product leaflet in your preferred language for more details on the plan’s coverage. 



Your Confidence Booster
Stay ahead of your future with high medical coverage.

Coverage that Increases As You Age

Flex your confidence regardless of rising medical costs or inflation by having medical coverage that auto increases annually as you age, up to RM15 million.

Extensive Pre to Post-Hospitalisation Care

Longer peace of mind with:

  • Pre-Hospitalisation Treatment: 90 days

  • During Hospitalisation: Unlimited days of Hospital Room & Board and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Stay

  • Post-Hospitalisation Treatment: Up to 365 days for Serious Conditions

Rewards for Staying Healthy

If no claims are incurred in the preceding year, we reimburse up to RM1,000 for these Preventive Care services:

  • Medical Checkup

  • Vaccination

  • Diagnostic Test

  • Subscription Programs

Enjoy cash reward* when you sign up today!

Enhance your protection and get RM500 Cash Reward*!

Download the flyer in your preferred language for more details or speak to our Wealth Planner to find out more.





*Terms and conditions apply.

Future-proof your medical protection with our medical plans:

PRUValue Med

PRUValue Med continuously covers you through your lifetime. When your accumulated claims paid exceed your special lifetime limit (also known as Med Value Point), we shall pay 80% of the excess eligible costs. Add on  PRUValue Med Booster so that your special lifetime limit auto-increases annually.



PRUMillion Med

PRUMillion Med has no lifetime limit and starts with a high annual limit of up to RM1.98 million. With PRUMillion Med Booster added onto your plan, your annual limit of RM1.98m auto-increases annually.



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