Be a Prudential Wealth Planner!

By being a Prudential Wealth Planner, you are provided with a valuable business opportunity to achieve your financial aspirations.

As you'll see in the diagram, we have developed a unique Career Path to attract the best candidates possible. The focus is on continuous development to ensure career success and job satisfaction as a Prudential Wealth Planner.

Career Path - Wealth Planner

With Prudential, your path towards success as a Prudential Wealth Planner is well charted and clear. Starting off with Personal Sales, you begin as a New Quality Agent. After undergoing varioutraining and exams, and fulfilling certain production requirements, you will qualify as a certified Wealth Planner and from there you will gain valuable knowledge in the field and benefit from progressive personal development.

Your experiences will help instill leadership qualities that will prepare you for a role as a Manager. As you advance in your career, you will gradually scale the different levels of a Manager from Unit Manager 1 and 2 to Agency Manager and Senior Agency Manager levels, concentrating more on Agency Building where you will be managing Quality Agents. 

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