Premium Payment Details

  • 1 Premium Payment Details
    1. Internet Banking

      You can pay your premiums via internet banking. If you have an account with any one of these banks, you can log on to the websites and pay online.

      ● CIMB Berhad
      ● Malayan Banking Berhad
      ● Public Bank Berhad
      ● RHB Bank Berhad
      ● Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad
      ● United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Berhad
      ● HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad


    2. Automatic Recurring Billing

      So simple, secure and convenient. By using this service, we will automatically deduct your premium from your bank account or credit card.  

      Recurring billing using Credit/ Debit Cards
      You can also use your credit/ debit card to pay for your premiums on a recurring basis. We accept any MASTER or VISA credit card issued by local or foreign banks or a debit card issued by local banks*.

      *Subject to your bank's confirmation on the usage of your debit card for recurring billing. 

      Click here to download and Print Credit/ Debit Card Enrolment Form

      Autodebit: Banker's Order
      Our Panel Banks
      ● Alliance Bank Berhad  
      ● AmBank Berhad  
      ● Bank Simpanan Nasional**  
      ● CIMB Bank Berhad**  
      ● HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad  
      ● Malayan Banking Berhad  
      ● Public Bank Berhad**  
      ● RHB Bank Berhad**  
      ● Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad  
      **Bank's verification is required prior to submitting the form to us.   
      Note: Processing time is 30 days for all the banks except Malayan Banking Berhad which requires a processing time of 60 days. 2 months' instalments of premium payments are required while waiting for bank's approval. For Maybank, please pay 3 months' instalments while awaiting the bank's approval.  
      **Only Original Form will be accepted for processing** 
    3. ATM Banking

      You can remit life insurance premiums to us via ATM transfer   

      ● Malayan Banking Berhad  
      ● Public Bank Berhad  
      ● RHB Bank Berhad  
      Note: Kindly refer to the ATM screen for ATM Banking payment instructions   


    4. Direct Banking

      You can also use our Easi-Express to pay your premiums directly at our selected banks.    

      ● OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad
      a) Cash/Cheque (over the counter: all branches) 
      ● Bank Simpanan Nasional  
      a) Cash only (over the counter: all branches) 
    5. Cash/ Cheque
      Direct to us
      If you prefer to make your payments personally, you can visit our cashiers at our Head Office in Jalan Sultan Ismail or if you prefer, at the nearest branch.    
       Operational hours:  
       Monday - Friday: 8.45am - 4.30pm  
       Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed 
      Mail to us
      Mail your insurance premiums to us via 3 simple steps:   
      1. Cheques must be crossed and made payable to "Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad" . 
      2. Write policyholder’s/certificate holder’s name, policy number(s)/certificate number(s), premium amount (if more than one policy) and contact number at the back of your cheque.  
      3. Mail to the address below:   
      P O BOX 12821  
      50790 Kuala Lumpur  
    6. Online Payment via PRUaccess plus

      You may now pay premium online using your Visa / Master Debit and Credit card anytime and anywhere securely and hassle free via our customer web portal at