Working with us

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We have what it takes for you to succeed

We believe in fostering an environment where our people flourish in both their professional and personal lives.

While our business track record reflects our focus in the delivery of results - which we have done with great success for many years - we believe that great results can only be achieved when the fundamental needs of our people are met.

So what can you expect from a career experience at Prudential?

Solid Brand
We are part of Prudential plc (UK), one of the largest financial services organisations in the world. Since 1848, Prudential has been meeting the diverse financial needs of our customers with sensitivity and efficiency.
This unique interplay between our history and tradition as well as our dynamism and innovation, makes us a global brand that is known to listen and understand our customers and their needs.

Global Career Development Opportunities
Given our global reach, there are ample opportunities for our people to develop their careers.

Our talent development programmes provides for our top talents the opportunity to expand their career horizons in any of the 13 countries and 25 businesses we operate throughout Asia.

We pride ourselves in nurturing a culture based on respect for the individual and the building of relationships.

In fact, people and relationships are not only seen as crucial components to our success but also underpin the way we behave and interact with each other.

One key success factor differentiating us from our competitors is our leadership capacity at all levels of the organisation.
Recognising the importance of leadership, we spend significant resources identifying and grooming individuals to take on our business challenges.
This is reflected in the number of homegrown talents currently in key leadership positions within the organisation.

Learning and Development
As we strive to become Asia's leading provider of financial solutions, there are ample opportunities for our people to enhance their knowledge and skills.
To this end, PRUuniversity, Prudential's corporate university, offers courses in personal, team and leadership development through a blend of workshops, self-study workbook, or e-learning.

With a mix of internal developed courses as well as partnerships with internationally acclaimed training organisations, PRUuniversity meets the sophisticated learning needs of our people in the most effective way.